08 December 2008

Happy Birthday, Avery

Today is your due date, and I would love to have you in my arms, but instead I have tiny angel wings on my tree.

I was just playing a Happy birthday song for your father, and the damn of tears I have slowly trickled upon my face, finally broke. They will probably not be the last I shed over you, nor over Gabriele, but it is time to move on.

Today I am deleting the blog I created when trying to conceive you, and lovingly addedto while you were growing inside me. I am not deleting the love, or the memories, those will forever be in my heart. It is time to stop dwelling is all.

Please just know that I LOVE YOU, and God's in arms is the best place you and Gabriele can be if you cannot be in mine. We will all be together again in the end.

Forever in my heart,


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