28 August 2011

So big!

This is the runt yelling "school!" to take a pic for her grandparents her first day of school...she's really growing up too fast! :(

25 August 2011

GF Masa Flatbread

Basic Recipe
1 c. masa harina
1 1/2 c. water
1/2 tsp. salt

This was easy. Mix it together. Heat your skillet with 1/2" oil. Spoon batter in and flatten to 3-4" circles. Fry on each side until brown. Drain on paper towels and salt lightly.

Pictures coming soon!!

Where Flowers Bloom

Do any of you remember when I had my graphics blog?? I found a kit I made and I want to start adding them back to the blog :-) and I'm even contemplating joining the Blog Train Blog!!!!

And yes, I know ... I got a little carried away with the purple but I used a color palette from a shot of the hydrangeas at my MILs house and I never left the palette!! I'll work on some matching alternate colors to tone it down, but I hope you can find at least a few graphics or papers you like in this set :-)

Between papers, elements, word art, and the one page (clippable) alphabet there are about 50 files so I uploaded to 4shared as a .rar file. Click here to download.

click the pictures for larger previews.

Until later! Anne Marie
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22 August 2011

Card Petition
Will WSO's business be a success?

Card Drawn
The World, Reversed

Daily Freebies: BRB

Card Petition
Will BRB have another child?

Card Drawn

Daily Freebies: TN

Card Petition
Will TN get to carry a pregnancy to term?

Card Drawn
Ace of Swords, Reversed

18 August 2011

A rant.

There are some important days in a child's life where she wants her daddy.. her first trick or treat... first day of school... first date... graduation... her wedding.

Since work seems to make him want to miss the first few.. maybe he'll make her first date or graduation??

Until later! Anne Marie
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Gluten-Free Flour Mix

I have borrowed every GF cookbook my libary has. I have tried different mixes from heavy on rice, to heavy on sorghum, to heavy on cornstarch - this one was fluffy and so YUMMY - like a flour cake... next day it was like eating sawdust cake!

My favorite comes from the gluten free waffle recipe, so I just made a huge batch. I have determined that (so far) for the things I have made, it doesn't matter if I use potato starch or tapioca starch. So use what you can find of the two, just make sure it is STARCH and not a flour...

Gluten-Free Cooking Tips

Having a had time making your GF recipes like you'e used to?  Can't find (or afford!!) guar or xanthan gum? Or maybe it just doesn't agree with your already sensitive digestive tact?  Try some of these tips I've discovered since I started my GF lifestyle.

15 August 2011

Tarot: Daily Freebies - Quickie for me!

I asked the cards if I would carry a biological child to term  - really just to see if I could do a fertility based reading for myself...  and I was told to get my behind to the doctor because whatever my problem is, it's an easy fix.

09 August 2011

Tarot: Daily Freebies - T2B

Card Petition
Are there any good changes coming at work  for T2B?

Card Drawn
Queen of Cups, Reversed

Facebook Fan Giveaway!

In order to promote my crafty goodness I am hosting a FB giveaway.

As of 8/9/2011 I have 27 fans! Thank you for your support! The last few months have been fun and I'm glad you were there to help keep me motivated and believing in myself!

Please Show your support again by sharing my page ( with your friends.

As a thank you, when I reach 50 fans, I will give away a pair of Swarovski crystal earrings, and when I reach 100 fans, I will give away a Swarovski crystal bracelet.

Both pieces will be made with the winner's choice of Swarovski colors and in your choice of one of these 2 styles.

~~~Contest Info~~~

  • You must "Like" my Facebook page to be entered in the drawing, as an added bonus FB fans have access to "fan exclusive" discount codes and the "inside scoop" on upcoming discounts.
  • Share it with as many of your FB friends as you'd like. There is even an event listing you can just "share" to make it easier for you!
  • Every fan (except my husband!) has an equal opportunity to win, so no one has to come say "______ sent me!" Simply click the "like" button to enter. That means every fan has a chance to win a matching set!

 The faster I get the fans the faster the drawing is done, (and let's be honest - it's also "the faster I get to start creating these new pieces!!!") so get those likes in!

And if you want some ideas on what color to choose if you win, check out Pantone 2011 Fall Fashion Colors Released!

Until later! Anne Marie

08 August 2011

Tarot: Daily Freebies - JFJ

Card Petition
Will JFJ be a biological mother?

Card Drawn
Ten of Pentacles, Reversed

Tarot: Daily Freebies - Baby C

Card Petition
How's Baby C doing?

Card Drawn
Queen of Wands, Reversed

06 August 2011

Don't be afraid to experiment

My dieting quest really kicked into gear when I talked to a holistic doctor/accupuncturist who suggested the anti-inflammatory diet to discover if food was causing some of my abdominal pain, allergies, and/or headaches.

I discovered that my cuprits were:
  • meat (severe PAIN worse than AF cramps when I have even a 3-4oz serving)
  • wheat (heavy congestion, hay-fever like itchy/sneezy symptoms, and headaches)
  • and dairy products add to the congestion.
I have backed off of meat and dairy and I try my best to cut wheat out of my diet at least 6 days a week.

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