29 December 2010

Second Chance Meals: Chicken Enchiladas into 15 Bean Soup

I decided I'm tired of having leftovers as leftovers. this means a slight rise to the food bll (10%??) but it also means I'll be throwing away less food because people are sick of eating it.  So since hubby is on a business trip, I decided to test this out with the girls... and of course I used my crock pot!

Day 1: Chicken Enchiladas with "Instant" Spanish Rice

28 December 2010

eBook Review: "How To Earn Money With eBooks" by Robert Wilson

 I first put this review on the B&N website (read - and/or purchase - here) after purchasing the download for my nook. After a wonderful comment on an old blog from the author, I decided to put it here as well. After all.. that's what this blog is about, isn't it??

Here's what I first said:
"Robert Wilson has taken something so head scratching as ePublishing and condensed it into 19 pages if easy to understand information. I decided to stop publishing my first eBook - based on his information - to write a review because he deserves one! I downloaded this at 9:30 and here I am at 10 ready to fine tune my writing and publish. YES, he makes it THAT easy!"
I am chagrined to say that I am STILL fine-tuning because I decided if I am going to publish (the first is a calendar with table of contents for monthly and weekly views as well as having holidays and forecasted moon phases) then I am going to use Smashwords but aim for their premium publishing that distributes to all the major sellers, so that (at Robert's advice) I only have one book count to keep track of.  Unfortunately this means a strict publishing standard so it may be a while before I announce my publication! LOL!

None of this is Robert's fault, by the way... his "How-to" book is a much easier and more understandable read than the Smashwords Style Guide.

Until next time...

27 December 2010

Loverdoodles winner announced!!

Giveaway for one mirror and one tin at
click to go to her etsy shop

Here are the entries:
  1. Racheal said... black and white butterfly tree mirro r& bright pink Daisy tin
  2. Angela said... Blue Damask with Red Letter On White Background Pocket Mirror (with pink letter)
  3. MrsFaram said...Entry 1 I would love the Blue Damask - Red Letter On White Background Pocket Mirror with 'M' of course. :) I also like the Hot Pink Damask Gift Tin.
  4. MrsFaram said...Entry 2 I added Loverdoodles to my Etsy favorites! :)
  5. MrsFaram said...Entry 3 I liked Loverdoodles on Facebook.
  6. MrsFaram said...Entry 4 I liked your new Facebook page which I LOVE by the way. :)
  7. MrsFaram said...Entry 5 I'm totally following your blog!!
  8. Patty said...Entry 1 - I love the black and white damask with pink letter pocket mirror!
  9. Patty said...Entry 2 - I added Loverdoodles to my favorites
  10. Patty said...Entry 3 - I liked Loverdoodles on facebook
  11. Patty said...Entry 4 - I'm following your blog!
  12. .Mary said...I would like the Dark Gray and Steel Flower Pocket Mirror and the pink polka dot tin
  13. Charlotte said...Green Floral pocket mirror & Grey Damask tin
  14. Charlotte said...I Added Loverdoodles to my Etsy faves
  15. Charlotte said...I Liked you on facebook
  16. Charlotte said...I stalk you... I mean I follow your blog
  17. Charlotte said... I like Loverdoodles on facebook
  18. MommyWannaBe519 said...Entry 1 I like the Red, White and Black With Poppies Pocket Mirror and the Hot Pink Damask Gift Tin.
  19. MommyWannaBe519 said...Entry 2 Added Loverdoodle to my etsy favorites.
  20. MommyWannaBe519 said...Entry 3 "Liked" Loverdoodle on facebook.
  21. MommyWannaBe519 said...Entry 4 "Liked" "Did you hear about that?" page!
  22. MommyWannaBe519 said...Entry 5 Following your blog! says:
I had to scroll up to see who won! LOL! Congrats Angela!!! You always enter but this is your first win on one of my giveaways!!!!


Dec 26 - CD1

Not much else to say.. on to 2011!


Holiday Party Hostess Gifts

This time of year everyone is having house parties. I don't know about you, but I hate going to a shin-dig empty handed. I like to have something for the hostess but not something she'll be obligated to share with the party.

I overcome this in a few ways.

  1. Something inedible but homemade (with store bought touches) and
  2. WRAP IT!
  3. Something edible but..
  4. WRAP IT!
Most hostesses will hate to stand there in the entry way as guests are pouring in opening a gift, at the least it leaves her hands full unable to greet and at the worst it makes her seem greedy for the gift.

A few things that make good gifts that are unsharable?
1. Bath & body products - I'm not talking about those horrid gift sets that you get for $10 at the store (though if you must, it is better than nothing). I have started making my own all natural bath scrubs, rubs, and soaks. I love it and I have not heard one word of complaint! (Ability to purchase coming soon! EEeek!)
2. Decadent baked/kitchen goods that are too yummy to share.. but in small amounts so they don;t feel like you're trying to make them fat! 3-4 nicely wrapped pieces of fudge, brownies, cookies, etc. If it is a couple hosting, do a multi-treat gift with 2 pieces of each goodie.
3. If you don't have time for any of that, try a gift cards to a local spa. They normally start in low denominations. You don't have to foot the whole bill. Most people would rather pay half than not be able to go at all. If you don;t have a local spa or think it is too much, how about a pedicure gift card at a shop near her home?
4. Don;t have money to spend? A simple thank you card (try hand-making one?) is enough to show that they are appreciated.

After all, isn't that better than all the riches in the world?


24 December 2010

I'm a Guest Blogger!!!!

I am meeting some amazing women at the mommy blogging club! One asked for submissions for a guest blogger about our fondest holiday memories. I have a lot, but one with Halie really stuck out, so I sent it in. And she chose me as her guest blogger!!

Click the image to go to her blog

Click here to go directly to my guest blog permalink.

Thanks Nikki! You're the best!!


23 December 2010

Hamilton Beach Personal Cup Stay or Go POD Brewer

Why did I buy it?
I ordered this because since moving away from family I have no one to share a large pot of coffee with. I thought about the Kuenig and the Tassimo and even the Seneo, but this offers the same 1 cup convenience for $50-100 less. I like that you can change the cup holder height to brew into a go mug also.

Why I gave it 4 stars?
My only complaint is that I cannot just drop a regular filter and a few tablespoons of coffee in. The water pressure causes the filter to suck into the drip spout and it overflows. You have to use a Senseo pod or something like the Ecopad Refillable Coffee Filter for the Classic Senseo, which I will be purchasing immediately. But it is a small price to pay for me not to throw coffee out or drink 1 pot all day as it ages - YUCK!

Just a Note
This takes 1 Senseo coffee pod for a "regular" cup and 2 for a large cup or travel mug, plan your coffee purchase accordingly.


22 December 2010

Hoping there is a Christmas Miracle...

So I'll start with this photo:

Yes, this is my final chart of 2010. Some of my friends seem to think it is my last chart ever.. why?
They (the ladies at TMP that is) think that this is a beautiful chart and that I have a baby bean implanting...

I don;t see anything special about it... But, man I hope they're right.

ETA: This chart was posted on CD25.. when it still looked hopeful


21 December 2010

Ornament Party!

My friend Amy over at Little Pink Dollhouse is having an ornament party!! Quite simply she wants every blogger we know to take pictures of some of their favorite Christmas ornaments, blog about them, and add your post ot her linky! Come join the fun!

I have so many favorites it is very hard to pick just a few....

I have the kids pick out an ornament or 2 every year, this is the one Kaelyn picked out this year... my cupcake princess LOL!

One of my angel baby ornaments. I got this one the year I had my tubal pregnancy, my XMIL bought it for me when she found out why I wanted it. 

I have a house full of MONKEYS!!!

See here Monkey #1

And Monkey #2 (Kaelyn)

 The ornament we picked out in 2006, when George shared his family tradition of making gingerbread houses with us.

 I saw this one at Hallmark a few years ago and he had to be mine! Rudolph was always a favorite Christmas tradition in my family. I bought the movie for the kids this year and they love it as much as I do!

I'm not even sure where this pretty girl came from. All I know is my mom passed it down to me. She clips on the tree with a little alligator clamp, but I think this will be the last year that works. I'll have to put a hanger on her next year. She has be come "Momma's ornament to hang on the tree" since Halie started doing all the tree decorating a few years ago.

Dad always hangs the ornament I pick out for us for the year. This was this year's. I love The Nightmare Before Christmas so when Halie saw this at the Disney Store and pointed it out I had to have it! 

I cannot get a picture of this without blurry text. My Secret Santa from the TMP boards sent it to me. It says, "Believe in Miracles" and I do. The hostess of the ornament exchange is walking (infertility surviving) proof  ♥ Merry Christmas, Amy, Mike, And Jackson! 

Hopefully my miracle will come true this year!

Merry Christmas Everyone!


20 December 2010

Loverdoodles: Pocket Mirrors and Wedding Favors

Have you ever been out and desperately needed a mirror to check your lipstick... only to find the ladies room bursting with people and you can't get to one? Have a teen that complains she doesn't wear her elastics for her bracelets because she never has time to get to the bathroom mirror?  Do you like to check your makeup before going into an appointment? Do you just like cute, adorable, handmade things that support today's at home working woman?

If you answered yes to any of these questions I have some news for you!

click to go to her etsy shop

Emily over on Etsy at Loverdoodles is just one of those women making wonderful things for our enjoyment. I am a repeat customer, having sent these out to friends and family any time I needed a little gift in the past 3-4 months since I found her.

They are excellent quality with a clear mirror- no distorted noses or tiny imperfections looking like it takes over your face. She will also do her best to accommodate any customization you need, like initials and small coloring changes. These made excellent stocking stuffers for Christmas and I can't wait to see the reaction when the girls see them!

How would you like to win a set of
her mirrors and  gift tins??
Yes, you heard me correctly!
I'm purchasing a set just for you!
Because I know you will love it so much that you'll will be back to see her when you need that little something special!
What do you have to do to enter?
It's simple! Each of the below "things to do" is one entry.
Unlink most Blogs, I don't require all separate entries 
See my How to enter my giveaways! page for details.
#1 is required to enter, the rest are extra entries.

1) Which mirror and tin would you choose if you won?
(They don't have to match!)

2) Add Loverdoodles to your Etsy favorites 

3) "Like" Loverdoodles on Facebook

4) "Like" my new Did you hear about that? Facebook page
5) Follow my blog (follow button is in right column)

Contest will end December 27 (1 week) and item will be shipped directly from Loverdoodles the first week in January when she returns to the "shop" from her move.
Good luck on the move, Em! I did it recently and I do not envy you!!

If we haven't "met" yet be sure to leave me an email to contact you if you win and/or be sure come back to check if you won!


18 December 2010

Last Minute "Santa" Ideas

I'm pulling my hair out here and here are some deals I have found around town that shoudl be pretty similar where ever you are!

Girls Ages 4 & up

  • Easy Bake Oven & accessories, including kiddy size hot mitts & aprons ($28 + accessories at Walmart)
  • Poseable doll & horse ($40 at Sam's Club)
  • Disney Baby Cinderella Princess Nursery ($24 at Sam's Club)
  • 4ft Tall doll house with basic furniture ($99 Sam's Club)
  • Dress up Box, 3 outfits with accessories, Sizes 3-6  ($34 at Sam's Club)


  • Nook w/ Wi-fi Capablities ($149 at Barnes & Noble)
  • DSi ($189 Game stop)
  • BOOKS!!! (Any denomination gift cards for your closest book store!)
  • Clothes (Let them pick! Giftcards for Gap, Old Navy, Justice and more!)

Mom & Dad

  • Nook w/ Wi-fi Capablities ($149 at Barnes & Noble) Can you tell I want this thing in my house somehow???) LOL!
  • Massage/Spa Packages (Check locally for Holiday Specials)
Best Friends:
  • STARBUCKS!!! (My BFF added to my SB card.. she rocks!!!!!!)
  • Handmade jewelry/accessories (Check Etsy! Most sellers will ship directly to the recipient, just convo them!!)

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06 December 2010


I haven't had much time to stay up on my pruduct review, but here are some freebies to check out while supplies last!

Kotex U Freebies

Tampax & Always Samples

Stayfree Sample

Prilosec OTC

Vaseline Intensive Therapy Lotion

Stay tuned for more!!

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