28 April 2010

National Infertility Week

It is National Infertility Week (April 24-May7)

Over 7 million Americans deal with reproductive issues. But as National Infertility Awareness Week kicks off, there are new medical developments and options that give couples hope.

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 I have been fortunate to have 2 beautiful daughters, but I have lost two unknown souls as well. Suffering from secondary infertility is heartbreaking, but many women who are mothers in their hearts have no babies to shower that love on. FOrtunately I have met a great group of women who are always there to lend an ear when I need one. Unfortunately a lot of them are battling infertility.  Their as of yet unconceived are the most loved children in the universe... because they are wanted so badly.

Infertility hurts.

When you see a young childless couple.
When you see a coupple chasing their rowdy children in the park.

Don't make judgements. Don't assume they don't want children.

They might be one of my friends.. trying to conceive for months... a year... 2 years, 4 years, or maybe more.. but their womb remains empty.

Or maybe they got pregnant, only to lose it to miscarriage or an ectopic.

Or maybe that miracle grew to be a beautiful child in theor womb, but after thay had named him/her, decorated a nursery.. got swollen ankles, and was planning on one last trip to the doctor before delivery... found out their precious child no longer had a heart beat.

Don't assume they're "Glad they only have 2."

That couple might be me... who loves the 2 I have, misses the 2 I don;t have, and prays nightly for just one more chance.

Think before you speak. If you are unsure simply ask. "Are you planning on having any(more)children?" Might hurt but not as bad as "I bet you're glad you don't have any."

If you get a reply of "Yes, we're trying but we're having infertility issues." Don't say:

"It'll happen when it's time..."
"Just relax..."
"Maybe you're just not ready yet..."

or my personal favorite a month befoer my wedding when I lost our first child conceived together...
"Maybe God thinks you shoudl be married first."

Thank you for assuming you know God's plan for me and you know he has decided that my sinful ways have caused the death of my child.

If you don't know what to say, just say "I'm sorry." and we'll understand.

Infertility hurts.

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Some days...


Some days things don't go as we've planned. But we have to pick ourselves up and move on. Right now my future is so erratic. New Friends. A new home & life as we move cross country. Failed dreams don't shatter our future. They just give us something else to look towards. I'll keep my faith and move along, praying for what I may be given. It's just how life goes sometimes...


26 April 2010

Wallet Winner!!!

Some comments seem to be deleted for whatever reason.. but I know they were there so I have

1 Tillie

2,3,4 Brandy

5 Amanda

6,7 Susan

8 Susie

9,10,11 Michelle says the winner is:

SUSAN!!!!!!  I still have your add because of the cookie exchange so I'll get it out ASAP!!!


19 April 2010

For the love of shoes... and a baby, too

Surfing through the blogs I follow (see right side) I cam across a give away and YAY!! a new blog to follow.. that list is getting out of hand.. I'm gonna have to make a blog to just to list the blogs I follow!!!

ANYWAY.. the new blog is For the love of shoes.. and a baby, too!! The giveaway is for a $30 credit at Design it your Way, where the author Ashley found a beautiful hope inspired necklace "believe." Check it out, it's WONDERFUL!! and Ashley's blog is an inspiration for anyone fighting infertility. We'll all make it... somehow!

ps: Don't forget our latest giveaway!!!


16 April 2010

I Love my Wallet Giveaway!!!

I love my wallet. I'm not usually into fads, but really I can hold a ton of stuff in this thing. There's at least 2 cards in each of the card slots, in the back there are coupons that haven't seen the light of day since late 2009, coins, gobs of old receipts.. they fit.

Well, they're a pretty penny and I had to look high and lo to find the one I have. Took me months... literally. Today I walked in to Wal-Green's to get more sunblock (stocking up for summer) and I got a GREAT deal on them. I got one for my daughter (red) one for my sister in law (purple) and one to give away (awesome stripes!).

To enter leave a separate message telling me you have:
  1. Followed me
  2. Grabbed my share button on the bottom of the page to share me on your blog
  3. Blogged about my giveaway
You don't have to do all 3 but each step/comment is an entry and greatly appreciated :)

Winner will be drawn via in one week on Friday, April 23!
As usual the cute model is not part of the giveaway :)


Mexi-Vegi-Chicken.... Tortilla Soup???

I wanted "Mexican" food tonight. Tacos, nachos, burritos... SOMETHING.. but I didn't want to run to the store to get ingredients. Digging through the freezer I found... vegetables. Lots of them. We're veggie eaters here. Now while I could live on a meatless veggie soup, George isn't so happy about meatless eating.. but I had chicken, too!!! No potatoes.. what to do????

Here's what I came up with:

Mexi-Vegi-Chicken Tortilla Soup

15 April 2010


so tonight I was organizing the freezer and found a tub of cookie dough I had forgotten about.

So I did this:

After about 13 minutes they looked like this:

Gorgeous right? I thought they needed more so I did this:

But this looked even better:

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