31 March 2011

Wheat Allergies

So I'm fairly sure I have a wheat allergy.

After doing the Anti-inflammatory/Elimination diet strict for a few weeks and then eating regular, meats seem to bother my digestive tract.. as in someone stabs me in the stomach with a pitch fork after I eat it.. and wheat does this:

29 March 2011

$ Web Specials & Affiliates $

Here are just a few things I do on the web to earn and recieve gifts & other items for lower than cost!!

Until later! Anne Marie

Web Specials & Affiliates:
Swagbucks Search Engine: Every few weeks, I earn a$5 gift card every for Amazon or Paypal.. add a few more weeks and I get $10 to Barnes & Nobel or Starbucks! How?? Just by using a Swagbucks search to get to where I want to go...i.e. "yahoo", "google", "mommy playbook", etc. Yeah, it's an extra page I click through, but it's worth it when I see that I win and have enough to claim an Amazon card. You should give Swagbucks a try if you haven't already! Free fun money! Who's going to complain about that!
Search & Win
P.S. the best way to maximize your chances is to upload the Swagbucks toolbar to your browser. Happpy Searching!

No More Rack: NEW MEMBERS GET $10 of $20 purchase just for signing up! No More Rack purchases designer and name brand gifts (home, clothing, beauty, handbags, toys, kitchen, jewlery, etc) and pass it on to their customers at a substantial discount. deals go live at 12 noon M-F, with some weekend specials... AND THEY SELL OUT FAST! So hit this before you go to lunch!!

MamaPedia: Sweet Deals!: New members ger $5 credit just for signing up! I used it to get a 1 years subscription to Disney's family fun that had been discounted to $5. My total price=$ FREE!! Can't beat that! Come back and tell me about YOUR special sign-on deal!

Eden Fantasys Adult Toy Store: DISCOUNT CODE COMING SOON!! FOLLOW MY BLOG TO SEE IT WHEN IT COMES UP!!!! We all know these products are out there, and we all know occasionally they're needed to spice things up!

My company, Eden Fantasys, has a lot of products to choose from and offers DISCREET shipping and billing! Plain USPS Priority Mail or UPS shipping boxes arrive at your door sent (and billed) from "Web Merchants". No nosy neighbors are going to know your business! Standard shipping is $5.95 or FREE for orders over $59.

I WON'T EVEN KNOW WHO ORDERED!!! I will see that your "click" originated at, but that is all. That is how discreet this company is!!

26 March 2011

Calliope is HOME!!!

More details asap, but our rescue kitty is home with us!!

Until later! Anne Marie

24 March 2011

Parents Magazine for $1

Head over to Barnes & Noble ASAP and find the 1yr subscription to parents Magazine (under $5). At checkout put in coupon code K4M8W9D to get it for $1!!!! Just ordered mine laying in bed on my iPhone

Anne Marie
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23 March 2011

Meme: Wordless Wednesday

21 March 2011

Green soup: Revisited

Old blog friends from way back when I was "Mom's Diner" may remember that I made this "green soup" waaaay back in February 2010. It was good, but I wasn't eating gluten-free, vegan, or anti-inflammatory then. Today I bring you

Green Soup: Revisited
(makes 2 servings)

  • 1/4 c green lentils, soaked overnight (or as long as possible)
  • 1/8 c barley (your preference of style)
  • salt & spices to taste
  • 2 c. chopped kale
  • 1 sm zucchini sliced into rounds and quartered
  • 1 c fresh or frozen peas
  • 1 c (4-6 "heads") Brussels sprouts
  • 1 T chopped fresh parsley
  • 1/2 onion, sliced thin and sauteed to brown (yummmmmm)
  • water
  1. Rinse lentils and put in small pot (i used my rice pot!) with enough water to cover by triple.
  2. Cook at a hard simmer/low boil for 30 minutes, then add rinsed barley and spices.
  3. Cook an additional 10 minutes until barley begins to cook, adding water as needed to maintain "soup" consistency.
  4. Add remaining veggies EXCEPT ONIONS, and continue to simmer until all is tender.
  5. Spoon out and top with some of the sauteed onions..


New (and completed!) lapbook!

First I want to give mad love for Alison at!! Kaelyn has been begging to have more "schoolwork" since her sister became homebound and with college, I haven't had time to create her packets the way I wanted..

I started a "B is for Butterflies" packet.. it was huge and un-fun (for me). I had  worksheets that she colored a few of traced some letters, and the only thing she really used out f it was the Butterfly Life Stages matching game... (Note: the kid LOVES matching games!)

Here is our original lapbook:

See? not pretty! So I was surfing facebook at an ungodly hour....(3am) and tater tots and jello put up a status about these mommy packets at Oopsy Daisy.. that is if you can't click the link. I want that clear because this mommy is our new best friend!!!!

Did you get the link: :D

She has what she calls mommy packets for her toddler. I can use them by adding a few "older" things for Kae. She obviously spends an amazing amount of time gathering all this info and shares it with the blogging community. FREE!!! Pure love!

I printed the Mommy Packet "Z is for ZOO" as 2 pages per sheet, cut it in half and stapled what was for Mom in one packet, divided some other stuff up to add later (more songs, "play-a-longs" to go with fun kid books about animals & zoos, AND MORE! Another Note: I need a felt board.), and created a smaller, usable, and PRETTIER lapbook using 1/2 a manilla folder, by cutting out things to fit into the LB, like: 
  • the zoo animal matching game (Kae is gonna love that!!)
  • the "Z" and "6" templates
  • a song for each side
  • the mini "Z is for Zoo" coloring book 
  • a tiger puzzle (in 6 pieces to match the theme)
  • and her tracable "Z" pages
  • then I went & found a few traceable "6" pages.

A little glue, a few paper clips, and I'm done. yes, D-O-N-E! (Other than I still have to find room for the circle activities!)

I'm so excited I'm almost masochistic enough to go wake Kaelyn up.. but not quite.. I'll finish this quiet cup of coffee first.



Monday Memories

Today I want to start something new to try to get the blog moving... "memes".

"What is a meme?" you say? Well wikipedia defines it as "It is a relatively newly coined term and identifies ideas or beliefs that are transmitted from one person or group of people to another/" In the blog world, it is a way for othersto share their lifes with others by creating a weekly idea on their blog.

To participate, blog about the topic.. or choose an older post that you think of when you hear the topic, then come to Dreamer's Alcove, fill in the name field, and put the link to the actual post in the URL field of the Linky.

I'll put mine in the first link so you can see it.

I may play around a bit before I figure out what I'm doing, but this week we'll start with "Monday Memories".

Join me?

Blog about a memory that you feel was a reflection of something holding you down that you overcame.
Remember this: EVERYTHING that we overcome makes us stronger. All we have to do is accept this to be unstoppable...
even in our worst of times.


17 March 2011

Scentsy Anyone?

One of my best friends has taken a huge leap of faith in herself as a stay at home mom, and I'd like nothing more than to see her succeed. So I am spreading the word about her break out Scentsy Launch party!

Scentsy is a melt warmer - a safe, wickless alternative to candles. Their melts are specially formulated to melt at a lower temperature, and are so safe that there is now a nursery line!  There I think over 80 scents to choose from and probably as many warmers - full size, medium, and plug ins that resemble a nite light!

I ordered "Margot" just a few days ago and expect it to come in Friday :) Isn't it pretty! I want another for my bathroom for sure - just trying to decide on a plug-in or a warmer - and I may get a second "Margot" to put on each end of my bar... I dunno. I want  them all!

If you are interested in Scentsy and have been wanting to give it a try, I beg you to please order from Brandy's starter show. The more sales she has this show the more product she gets for future shows, which equals a bigger success in her future, and I know she can succeed at this with just a little help to get started.

Click here to go directly to the show sales page.
or Click here to go to her main page then click on "Buy from Party" by her name.

The show is open for orders until March 30th! And it's only $5 shipping to ship directly to your home. If you have never tried Scentsy, I suggest starting on the "Multi-Pack" page to get a warmer and 3 "bars" of scents (or more!) at a discounted rate.


Mamapedia Sweet Deals!

MamaPedia: Sweet Deals!: New members ger $5 credit just for signing up. I used it to get a 1 years subscription to Disney's family fun that had been discounted to $5.  My total price=$ FREE!! Can't beat that! Come back and tell me about YOUR special sign-on deal!


15 March 2011

75,000 Glade Freebies! Act NOW!!

Offer only valid for the first 75,00 customers!! HURRY!


14 March 2011

Starting the adoption process on (hopefully) the next member of our family

Her name is Calliope (though they said it "Cali-ope-ay). Click her pic for her adoption agency page :-)

We went to PetCo yesterday for what we thought was an adoption event for the local adoption/rescue place but they postponed it because yesterday was the big basketball tourney :rolleyes: but Calliope was there and they were cleaning her litter and she was trying to escape so we offered to hold her. They said "Ok but be careful she is shy and takes a while to warm up to people."

HA!! She crawled right into my DDs arms & tilted her head back & started purring! Cali (our escue dog) was with us and decided to investigate and she looked over at cali, closed her eyes and went back to nudging my hand. I took this as "It's a dog.. whatever PET ME!"

She's full grown but still a tiny thing.. that fluff isn't cat, it's all fur! LOL! We're so in love with her :sillylove:

I just called the lead organizer and asked her to call me about starting the process. I'll keep you posted!


13 March 2011

I hate to be hopeful...

but then stupid damned things happen that get my hopes up and I over think things! I'm 4dpo today. I have an absolutely rotten chance of getting/being pregnant this month because George was on a work trip when I ovulated, but I had a horrid bloody nose this morning. It lasted 2 hours!!! and not just bloody/runny but huge blood clots. I haven;t had any major issues with my sinuses in a while so I can't imagine what it could be. Then someone on the mommy board reminded me that another woman we know had bloody noses early in her pregnancy.. well before a pregnancy test would have picked up. Like 6dpo? So now I have the maybe's... /sigh. I hate the maybes....


09 March 2011

Seven Bean & Barley Soup: Revisited

So the faithful will remember this post about seven bean & barley soup that I posted soon after starting my anti-inflammatory diet...

I fell in love with it so much that I took my canister back ot Whole foods and filled it before pouring it in to the baggie to weigh... 6 POUNDS @ $2.89/lb!!!  But I bought it anyway. I . Seriously. Love. This. Stuff....but I started thinking (ACK!)... It is PERFECT for my diet... but I don't want to get burned out on it either. So this round I decided to make another crock pot batch and play around with it daily finding new flavor combos. So far here's what I have come up with.

I put in the crock pot on low overnight:

Changes, changes, everywhere!

I decided to make my unused URL my blogger link and redo a lot of graphics, etc.. (now if I could only get the shadowy borders off!)

Soooooo if you had me as a linky before, please remove all that crap and relink using the image and code to the right over there. >>>>  I have them redone to where everything should change automatically for you when I change the linky now.

Of course that only works if you use the new code ;)  BTW the old code will not only no longer work.. the blog you once linked is now a broken link when you try to get to ot... hassle of using a new url.. sorry. My page links are acting crazy too so please bear with me while I get all that changed up.

Share some love please!

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