13 July 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 7 - Your opinion on cheating People.

My opinion on cheating people is that they suck. Really if you aren't happy in a relationship you shouldn't make BOTH of you unhappy by cheating.... just leave.

Until later! Anne Marie

11 July 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 6 - The person you like and why...

Redundant much Challenge?? See post # 3 please!

Until later! Anne Marie

10 July 2011

Gluten-Free Holiday Cooking Challenge

I was surfing through old bookmarks and found some holiday recipes I had wanted to try last year... and I didn't. But it got me thinking. This year there is going t ohave to be a whole new kind of recipe experimentation for the holidays.... gluten-free! So I sat here and wrote out our traditional Thanksgiving & Christmas Menus for me to create a new cooking challenge for myself.

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 5 - 5 things that irritate you about the opposite sex/same sex.

5 Things that bother me about WOMEN:

  1. CATTINESS. If you wanna be a bitch, go for it. I am. Let it all hang out and don't pull punches, but don't be a snotty brat! (And for the love of GOD if you MUST be CATTY do NOT DO THE HEAD WIGGLE THING!!!!)
  2. Their penchant for DRAMA. Same reason. If you have something to say, say it. Don't whine! I have kids, I hear enough at home. Grow up!

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 4 What you wear to bed.

This one is easy! LOL!  T-shirts and unders. That's it. George is an oven and it's too damned hot to do otherwise!

Until later! Anne Marie

08 July 2011

30 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE Day 3 What kind of person attracts you

7/08/2011  ~   Day 3. What kind of person attracts you.

This one is easier than it sounds LOL! I admit I had my days (and nights) of hunting and dating the god-like males... very pretty to look at but not many had personalities.

When I met my husband and we started dating, no one we knew thought we'd last. He was cute, but not my usual. He liked to street race, rollerblade, and play video games.

So. Not. Me.

However of the numerous couples that were formed within our group, he and I are the only couple still HAPPILY together, married (not contemplating divorce), and did I say HAPPY together?

I think this is because he makes me laugh.. whether I want to or not. He takes me seriously, but won;t let me take myself TOO seriously. He got me hooked on a few video games, we go out just to have fun.. no romantic movies for us!!  We goof off while shopping, and wrestle until I practically pee myself at home... because he pins me and tickles me - just because he can LOL!

He's my Peter Pan, keeping me happy &young at heart ♥ and I'm his Wendy, keeping him grounded.. but only when necessary ♥

Until later! Anne Marie

07 July 2011

Gluten-free Childhood Faves: Marshmallow Rice Treats

So I have been seeing in stores that Kellog's is marketing Rice Krispies as gluten free. Of course the first thing I thought was RICE KRISPY TREATS!!!!!! But I wanted to eat the 100% natural, whole grain, gluten-free brown rice puffs I bought first. I like them. Really. But I only eat them plain, straight out the canister - they get soggy in milk. So it's taking me a while.

Tonight Kaelyn was asking to eat a marshmallow so I pulled out the bag we got for camping of these HUGE marshmallows and they were labeled "Gluten-Free!"  Maybe all marshmallows are gluten free?? I don't know, but my first thought was "Why don't I make RKT out of the cereal I have?"

30 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE Day 2 How have you changed in the past 2 years?

7/07/2011  ~   Day 2. How have you changed in the past 2 years?

"Things do not change... we change." ~ Henry David Thoreau

It's really just this last year, but I have gotten a lot more serious about my health. I started an "anti-inflammatory diet" and I discovered that I have a wheat allergy and it hurts my body to try to digest meat.. all the

06 July 2011

Wordless Wednesday...sorta

Frustration Pictures, Images and Photos

Until later! Anne Marie

Caylee's Law Petition

Let's help make a "Caylee's Law"!

Please to go and sign the petition to create "Caylee's Law"!! There should be a new law created that will make it a felony for a parent or guardian to not report a missing child in a timely manner!

I did yesterday, and my NC Senator Ellie Kinnaird, wrote back to me this morning.

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 1 Weird things you do when you’re alone

7/06/2011  ~   Day 1. Weird things you do when you’re alone.

When everyone goes to bed at night I like to sit on my computer, gabbing on yahoo.. with my headphones plugged into my ears and media player or youtube cranked LOUD and lip-sync to really old school tunes LOL!

Until later! Anne Marie

05 July 2011

Gluten-Free Potato Bread

Oh! So. YUMMY!!!! This stuff is soooo amazing I had to put my.. 3rd? 4th? slice down to type this!!! No, I'm normally not such a pig but I LIKE THIS STUFF!!! It has been so long since I had a GF bread that I like!! Even Kaelyn has come back several times just to ask for more bread.. plain bread!! Of course it is great toasted with jelly too!!

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