25 April 2011

Wheat-free/Gluten-free roux

So I was finally able to get some Bob's Red Mill Organic Brown Rice Flour to try in the roux for my gumbo today! here is what I learned...

17 April 2011

Infertility is not a 4 letter word

So yeah you know how most 4 latter words are taboo??? WHY is infertility taboo? I just counted.. 11 letters people!!!!

Maybe as I reach my 18 month TTC a third child (and that is just THIS round) I am a little bitter. I'm scarred. I'm torn. I'm angry.. no, I'm pissed. And I'm hurt... I've also had a reality check.

I am a member on a WONDERFUL mommy board. It has all stages of mommydom: waiting to conceive, trying to conceive, pregnancies, babies, tweens & teens, and all the way to grandparents.

I started out there as a guide in Waiting to Conceive (WTTC). I met some WONDERFUL ladies. I witnessed some "oops" pregnancies. I drooled over some adorable babies!

I began TTC and moved on as a guide in Trying to Conceive. I met even more wonderful ladies, watched the women I met in WTTC begin their TTC journey and move on to due date clubs (DDCs) and on to baby playgroups. MORE BABIES TO DROOL OVER!!!

I have been a guide in TTC for almost a year. There are no more "old faces"... except me. Many women who found they had fertility issues moved on to a new board: Fertility Problems, Treatments, and Long Term Trying to Conceive (LTTTC). I visited back & forth because I do have fertility problems (one tube, long term ttc) but I loved the eagerness and hope of the new faces. I still do!! I love being able to share my charting knowledge etc with them.

Today I moved on.

I am now the "unofficial" guide of  LTTTC. Only unofficial because the mods haven't had a chance to get my name switched over yet. I know these women well. We all come from  the same place... longing for a baby and medical intervention is the only way that it is going to happen. I'm sad but... not resigned. I'm.. ready.

It's a new phase. Rather than being frustrated alone with well meaning wishes, I'll be frustrated with other frustrated women who "get it". Maybe this will be easier on me now?

At any rate.. I'm sick on infertility. But I am not standing silent anymore. It happens. It's real. It is a medical issue and it doesn't make me a freakshow.

Yes, I have children.
Yes, I am 33.
Yes, I am battling infertility to get pregnant again.

And if you don't like that??? Well YOU need the reality check.. not me.

Until later! Anne Marie

12 April 2011

Did you know April is Autism Month?

Hey everyone!

Please take a minute to go to my party page see the following great cause related warmer!

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07 April 2011

A turning point...

So i'm an idiot...

I've been looking at this diet as things I can't have like:

I can't have wheat (I become a swollen sinus tissue snot factory)... so there goes pasta, pizza, crackers, cookies..

My stomach hurts like hell when trying to digest meat... so there goes a lot of "base" meals...

Ok yeah it's a lot when you think about the general american meal...

But I got the digestive herbal stuff (look for one with enzymes like papain - a papaya enyome- that helps naturally break down protein) a friend on my mommy boards suggested and let me tell you IT WORKS!!! I can take it one with each meal I wanna splurge on with meat (and maybe the one after with some high fiber greens to be safe) so can have meat on occasion and not feel like death has arrived in my small intestine.

Then it hit me...

I eat rice crackers.
I eat rice crust pizza.
I eat rice flour pasta.


Ok maybe that is a little harsh, but really.. I am a southern girl!! I grew up on rice and gravy... beans and rice.. WHY IS THIS SO HARD FOR ME TO FIGURE OUT!!!

Most gravies I make I can scoop the gravy out without getting meat.. I usually cube the chicken or steak or I make meatballs. So far as I can tell the broth from the meats don't hurt me, and I can always take an enzyme extract to make sure. Beans & rice are like a God send as I can actually eat with my family!!!

Today is a turning point in this diet! WOOT!!!

They like the soups and veggie dishes I make. I usually cook a slab of animal on the side for the hubs and my kids could really take or leave meat.

Then the other day George (DH) actally said "I don't see why we don't just all eat like you?"
  ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
I was like.. "YOU... aren't gonna eat... meat?"
He was like.. "Well... besides that.."

I guess SOME sacrifices are just too much to ask for LOL!

Until later! Anne Marie

04 April 2011

Check it out and join us!

Until later! Anne Marie

01 April 2011

Friendship Fridays - True Miracles

I want to take a moment each week to recognize people who have made a difference in my life. Today, you get to meet Amy and Jackson... and I'm sure she mention's DH, Mike, along the way so I will too :hehe:!

I met Amy on a TTC board. She was a long time struggler with infertility and reminded us to all never give up.. even in her darkest moments. I'm proud to say that Amy's blog "Miracle in the Making" is now titled...

Click to read their story!

Her IF struggles included a "Clomid Test" which the doctors said she failed and had never ovulated. Well...they lied. She got a dark positive OPK that prompted her to take a pregnancy test and it was even more beautiful!! Click the image of her blog header to read her story.

Amy, I want you to know that I "featured" you first because of your undying spirit. As hard as it was.. as hard as IF tried to beat you down.. you stood up and reminded everyone to never give up. AND YOU BEAT IT! Jackson is a testament to your faith, your perseverance, your strength, and your love.. and he is MY reminder to NEVER GIVE UP!

I love you!

Until later! Anne Marie
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