24 March 2009

My story

I began TTC my 2nd Dec 2004, miscarried June 2, 2005, and finally brought new thriving life into the world June 2, 2006. She has been my miracle and it took me almost a year to bring myself to TTC again , and exactly 1 year ttc before I got that next positive test.

Sadly, a few short weeks later I started having severe cramping in my right side. A trip to L&D with an emergency run to u/s showed a perfectly formed sac w/heartbeat... at the conjunction of my tube and uterus, growing into my tube- what is called a corunal ectopic pregnancy - only 1-2% of pregnancies are this type. We were devastated, but told we could try again when my numbers went back down. Unfortunately, when i went in for surgery it was worse than the u/s showed. I was on the verge of rupturing I lost not only my tube, but the corner or "horn" of my uterus. "A sizable portion of the horn," is how my dr put it, the technical term is a cornual resection. He recanted his words of hope, telling us that it would be better not to ttc again. That there is a chance of the uterus rupturing during delivery, or possibly in the 3rd trimester.

I still have my right tube, I still ovulate, I still have the witch AF. What I don;t have is another baby. I have 2 daughters and 2 angels. I love my daughters, but I have always dreamed of at least 3 babies. What I do have is a nagging doubt, and a longing to TTC again. I know I have a 15% higher risk for another ectopic since I have had one already. I have read online about women carrying to "full term" as in delivering as soon as they reached 35-36 weeks to prevent rupture. I'm willing to deal with moderate bed rest and all that jazz. I just want another baby.

My husband and I have decided to seek a second opinion and hopefully on April 3rd I will have a positive answer to my nagging and can begin TTC dream #5...


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