28 January 2011

Weight Loss Goals & Accomplishments

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Round Three Weight Loss

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September 19-December 3

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Goal: Lose 21.5 Lbs in 75 days
Goal Average: 2 lbs per week
Actual Average: TBD
Diet Plan: Wheat-Free/Atkins
Exercise Plan: Stationary bike, maybe some Zumba for cardio
and light weight high rep resistance lifting for sculpting

Round Two Weight Loss
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July 11-September 26, 2011
Goal: Lose 22 Lbs (10% weight loss) in 77 days
Goal Average: 2 lbs per week
Actual Average: ZERO - Maintained +/-2lbs 
Exercise Plan: C25K & Zumba! (I'm making the hubs do it too so he'll push me lol!)
Diet Plan: Wheat-Free tracked on eDiets due to wheat allergy

Round One Weight Loss
January 28 - July 11, 2011
Goal: Lose 34.6 Lbs (15% weight loss) in 121 days
Goal Average: 2 lbs per week
Actual: 14.2 lbs (6% weight loss) Lost in 164 Days
Actual Average: >1 lb week
Diet Plan: Anti-inflammatory diet to determine food problems
Exercise plan: 


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