22 January 2010

Positive opk & other babble

Well it's finally happening.. I got a barely positive opk. IT'S ABOUT TIME!! Not that a cd16-17 ovulation is horrible, man some of my friends at the forum wait months... obviously I am not as patient nor as strong as them, because I am going NUTS HERE waiting to O. I'm trying to keep up with BDEOD and so far so good. We got 2 in a row about 5 days ago and missed 2 days in a row, but I think that was way too early to make the slightest bit of difference.

If I get a temp spike tomorrow, I'll attack him again for certain, otherwise, I'm playing by ear & opk. Which oughta be fun since I'm taking AZO for a urinary tract tickle, does that mean I'll have orange lines with a yellow BG??? LOL! Whatever works, huh?

I've been searching photobucket for TTC blinkies. I'm not sure if I should do TTC#3 or TTC#5. I count my angels as my children, even though they never were held in my arms, and I never kissed their sweet lips. I think I'll make a TTC#3 with 2 angels blinkie. Someone eosle out there is bound to want it out on photobucket.. as sad as that seems.

The forum has been EXPLODING with BFP's lately! Newbies that have been there for just a few days... and old friends who have been there just as long as, many longer than, me. It warms my heart to see them bouncing over to a due date club. I hope they save some baby dust for Tiff, Tara, Kelly, Amanda, Angela, Alishya (I know I just spelled that wrong...) & I. We're hoping to start February off the right way with a BFP wave of our own... then Amy & Susan can follow... I know there's more. It's 1 am and I can't think LOL!

Vanessa is doing great, though fighting the nauseated blahs of early pregnancy. I think the woman is living on saltines & brownies. Whatever makes the baby happy :) I can't wait till next week for her u/s. The doc insists (by lmp) that she will be 10 weeks, but we know she'll be about 8.5 weeks.. however they count it we'll have _______ pics!!! Yes, that is blank on purpose. Baby Pavlat does not have a nickname yet, LOL!

On another fine note, Vanessa has decided that I shall be the honorary twin mommy of her DDC. Wouldn't that be just a friggin shock?!?!? Tiffany has decided that it will be fraternal twins, and tonight Ashley decided that this was all a fine idea... looks like I'm destined, huh? As long as get in the DDC with them I'll be ecstatic.

Until next time...


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