15 January 2010


So yesterday I started feeling really heavy in the ovaries, and twinging specifically my right ovary.Photobucket Today it's going back & forth. I hope I ovulate on the right!! It's a little early, but I hope all this means that I am gearing up to ovulate on time.

That would be really cool to have a October 14th due date for Halie, even though there is a big chance that I won't carry a full 40 weeks. Maybe Ovulating late won't be so bad... Then I'd have a better chance of delivering on her birthday.... providing we catch the eggie this month...

At any rate, I did an OPK and there is a line, but it is super faint. I was thinkingthere might be more with the heaviness & twinging, but so far it's right on par with a "normal" cycle.

Started VT this month, and I like my temps so much better. they are less erratic, so I am sure I'll have a clear thermal shift at O time.. SOLID RED CH here I come!!


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