25 April 2011

Wheat-free/Gluten-free roux

So I was finally able to get some Bob's Red Mill Organic Brown Rice Flour to try in the roux for my gumbo today! here is what I learned...

  1. First I had to use a lower ratio of oil:brown rice flour than I do with regular flour. I usually do 1:1 with plain flour and I used about .75:1 with the brown flour.
  2. The brown rice flour never browned, though it did take on a nutty scent. Maybe I need to be more patient that with a regular flour? 
  3. IT WORKED!!! My gumbo thickened perfectly! It was a little grainy when I first added the broth/water to it but as soon as it cooked for a while it was no different (albeit lighter) than my regular gumbo.
  4. I "cheated" and used a splash of Kitchen Bouquet Browning & Seasoning Sauce to darken it. My mom used it and I had a bottle I had bought for her and never given to her.. it worked. No ill effects LOL!
Wheat-free/Gluten-free Banana bread recipe coming up soon!!!!

Until later! Anne Marie


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