07 April 2011

A turning point...

So i'm an idiot...

I've been looking at this diet as things I can't have like:

I can't have wheat (I become a swollen sinus tissue snot factory)... so there goes pasta, pizza, crackers, cookies..

My stomach hurts like hell when trying to digest meat... so there goes a lot of "base" meals...

Ok yeah it's a lot when you think about the general american meal...

But I got the digestive herbal stuff (look for one with enzymes like papain - a papaya enyome- that helps naturally break down protein) a friend on my mommy boards suggested and let me tell you IT WORKS!!! I can take it one with each meal I wanna splurge on with meat (and maybe the one after with some high fiber greens to be safe) so can have meat on occasion and not feel like death has arrived in my small intestine.

Then it hit me...

I eat rice crackers.
I eat rice crust pizza.
I eat rice flour pasta.


Ok maybe that is a little harsh, but really.. I am a southern girl!! I grew up on rice and gravy... beans and rice.. WHY IS THIS SO HARD FOR ME TO FIGURE OUT!!!

Most gravies I make I can scoop the gravy out without getting meat.. I usually cube the chicken or steak or I make meatballs. So far as I can tell the broth from the meats don't hurt me, and I can always take an enzyme extract to make sure. Beans & rice are like a God send as I can actually eat with my family!!!

Today is a turning point in this diet! WOOT!!!

They like the soups and veggie dishes I make. I usually cook a slab of animal on the side for the hubs and my kids could really take or leave meat.

Then the other day George (DH) actally said "I don't see why we don't just all eat like you?"
  ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
I was like.. "YOU... aren't gonna eat... meat?"
He was like.. "Well... besides that.."

I guess SOME sacrifices are just too much to ask for LOL!

Until later! Anne Marie


Staceroo said...

Yay for thinking of yummy food you can eat! And yay for the enzyme...Wishing you a super yummy dinner!

suz said...

Yea!! Sounds like you're figuring it out. Funny funny girl. :)

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