02 June 2009

random updates

Hubby mentioned that I hadn't updated this in a while so I thought I would take a moment today. It is hard to update a WTC (waiting to conceive) blog when all you are doing is... waiting.

So let's blog about how I feel....

I feel like each day of waiting is only accomplishing one thing... bringing me 1 day closer to the cut off date that I have had to set... I need to be pregnant before my college graduation.

I did this because I DO have two others to worry about. If I am trying to establish a career I can't expect any potential employer to accept "I know I have only been here for 3 months, but in 3 months I have to take 3 months maternity leave." or "I know you just hired me, but..." or walking into an interview roundly pregnant.. yeah they are not supposed to discriminate, but who is going to want to hire a paralegal that will need to walk out in a few months no matter how big the case you are working on?

I have three years, but I do have a lot of obstacles and I've already been told that it will not be easy. As it is i only have about 6 possible months out the year to catch an egg, because I only have one tube... so cut the 3 years to 18 months. Subtract the 15 % chance of ectopic and you can essentially strike off another month if you consider that "time". Add in thyroid problems, over weight, and "advanced maternal age" and seriously, it doesn't look good. My last pregnancy took a year to accomplish, and that was only with thyroid problems.

I wish I could say I was closer to accomplishing my goal of getting my license so we could start trying, but really I am not. I haven't been able to spend anytime driving because of prior commitments of one or the other of us, plus the weather that stinks right now. I know I will have to get used to it but it is no way to start learning.

I just feel that a little more time runs out every second...

Until next time...

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