26 April 2010

Wallet Winner!!!

Some comments seem to be deleted for whatever reason.. but I know they were there so I have

1 Tillie

2,3,4 Brandy

5 Amanda

6,7 Susan

8 Susie

9,10,11 Michelle says the winner is:

SUSAN!!!!!!  I still have your add because of the cookie exchange so I'll get it out ASAP!!!



suz said...

YEA! Thanks AM. You rock my face!!! And I even need a new wallet! AWESOME!

dragondreamer said...

:hehe: suz, you have this amazing ability to make me laugh when I feel like caca lol! I will try to get to the P.O. before I leave for vacation, if ot I'll mail it out when I get back when I mail the cookies out to my recipient!

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