16 April 2010

I Love my Wallet Giveaway!!!

I love my wallet. I'm not usually into fads, but really I can hold a ton of stuff in this thing. There's at least 2 cards in each of the card slots, in the back there are coupons that haven't seen the light of day since late 2009, coins, gobs of old receipts.. they fit.

Well, they're a pretty penny and I had to look high and lo to find the one I have. Took me months... literally. Today I walked in to Wal-Green's to get more sunblock (stocking up for summer) and I got a GREAT deal on them. I got one for my daughter (red) one for my sister in law (purple) and one to give away (awesome stripes!).

To enter leave a separate message telling me you have:
  1. Followed me
  2. Grabbed my share button on the bottom of the page to share me on your blog
  3. Blogged about my giveaway
You don't have to do all 3 but each step/comment is an entry and greatly appreciated :)

Winner will be drawn via in one week on Friday, April 23!
As usual the cute model is not part of the giveaway :)



Tillie said...

I wanna win!

you totally should e-mail me since you won one of my giveaways :)

Brandy Renee Brady said...

I did all three..:D enter me to win :D

Amanda said...

I don't have a blog anymore, but I am following you now :) And leaving you some LOVE!

suz said...

I'm following you... I think... if not, I'm off to correct that. :) Also, I grabbed your button and posted it on my blog. I WANNA WIN!!

suezqtpie3 said...

I am following you.But I don't have a blog and have no idea what grab a button means.LOL.

Michelle said...

I follow you!


Michelle said...

I listed your blog on my ads with the button you made!


Michelle said...

I blogged about your giveaway!!


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