01 November 2010

Angela had a GREAT idea!

Angela had this wonderful little blurb on her TMP signature block
"No more siggy until my BFP!"
and I thought WOW! Brilliant!! Every month she and I pound our heads trying to think of something hopeful and new to out in our siggy... now.. it is over.

I made this:

It will link back here to my blog which should explain why i'm tired of siggys...

In other news:

  • I'm 12dpo, spotting has stopped and I'm still getting BFNs...more testing in TWO DAYS.
  • DH is on a business trip so the 30 day challenge is on hold. He will be attacked 6 times in 4 days when he gets back! Mwwahahahahaa!
  • If I am not pregnant (ie 40 kazillion sperm CAN'T get me pregnant) I am going on the PCOS diet with Angela and starting Zumba. George wants to buy it for me.
Thats all for today...

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