09 August 2011

Tarot: Daily Freebies - T2B

Card Petition
Are there any good changes coming at work  for T2B?

Card Drawn
Queen of Cups, Reversed

"Textbook" Meaning of This Card 
In regards to work questions, a woman in your workplace may be causing you problems. If so, she would be a once very kind and understanding person, who has now morphed into a rival, and at minimum her loving ways might have turned into being more judgmental and untrustworthy. The best way to handle her is to be considerate of her feelings, and not to give her any information that you wouldn't want shared with everyone. 

My Interpretation 
It surely looks like you'll have to work hard in order to bend the changes to your advantage. Remain professional and friendly, but stay on guard to gain what you are looking for.


Anonymous said...

This makes complete and total sense to me. There is an opening in another section of my department and it's between me and another girl. We've been very friendly but I know she will do anything to get what she wants. I'll be on my toes. Thanks AM!

dragondreamer said...

Best of Luck!

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