08 August 2011

Tarot: Daily Freebies - Baby C

Card Petition
How's Baby C doing?

Card Drawn
Queen of Wands, Reversed

"Textbook" Meaning of This Card 
In regards to health questions, the Queen of Wands reversed generally refers to strong basic health and a positive basic underlying health status. If you are not feeling well, a female health care practitioner may have very important and helpful advice for you. The Queen of Wands is generally linked to fertility; however if you draw this card in the context of having been trying to conceive a child without success, it shows that you should not give up but that the time may have come to seek outside counsel, as in seeing your doctor and discussing your concerns and efforts. Try to relax.

My Interpretation 
Mommy should relax.. "our" little one is fine ♥.

Note: I asked this question on my own based on my personal knowledge and friendship with the person.

Until later! Anne Marie
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