15 September 2009

Meal Plan Monday - September 15

Meal Plan Monday

This Week's Meal Plan
Crock Pot Fun!

I got a new crock pot and I am LOVING IT! I am expecting LOTS of leftovers this week since these recipes seem huge, so some may be repeated on next weeks MPM so I get to cook them :)

BBQ Rub Chicken & Rice
(About $4 with a whole chicken and instant rice)

Creamy Farmhouse Chicken and Garden Soup
($4 for recipe - 1 soup dinner + a soup/sammy leftover dinner - $2 per meal!)

Four Bean Chili (Mom's Diner Recipe!)
($6 for recipe/2 dinners - $3 per meal!)

Chuckwagon Stew
($4 for recipe.. 2 dinners! $2 per meal!)

Ropa Vieja
($6 for recipe - beef is expensive right now)

This week's Meal Plan


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