10 December 2009

13 DPO

So I'm testing tomorrow.. AGAIN. Friday, Dec 11 on 14 DPO w/FMU ...

If it's a bfn I'll test again Saturday morning because I'm scheduled to give blood, but can't if I'm pregnant.

AF is due late Saturday night. In the event she doesn't show I might test Sunday.. or I might just hang out till Monday.

Sunday is 16 dpo and that would be the latest I'd think I'd get a false negative.

I don't know why.. but I am just not feeling it. I don;t think I'm pregnant this month. I have no symptoms, no signs.. add that to the fact that I think I ovulated on the right I'm just not thinking this is my month. Hell, I'm not even 100% certain I ovulated.

IF AF shows, i am getting another thermometer and I'm temping. I know I told him I wouldn't but like I told him about the OPKs.. there is no point in waiting on a bfp everymonth if I'm not even ovulating... or not ovulating when we think I am. It's hard enough to deal with only having one working tube.. no point in stressing myself out about not ovulating when that can be tracked.

I haven't peed since 6am.. maybe I'll go POAS....

update: bfn Pictures, Images and Photos

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