31 December 2009

December's ups & downs..

CD10/Dec20/5pm - No shock but CD 10 OPK is a BFN absolutely NOTHING in test area.... I don't see O coming on CD12/13 again.. that had to be a fluke... UPDATE: Dry there is aliiiiiiight line in the test area.

CD11/Dec 21/4pm- BFN p- visible but light line in test area within 5 minutes of test.

CD12/Dec 22/5pm- BFN- I can see it without squinting but it's just as light as yesterday, not at all like last month. I'll be poas i think mid-morning & evening the next few days to make sure I catch it.. have opk will travel.... BD every other day to try to let the little guys strengthen up this month. I hope this string of positive pregnancy tests rubs off on meeeee!!! SO excited for everyone!

CD13/Dec23/9:30pm- OPK is POSITIVE guess there's gonna be some going on .. sometime.. probably tomorrow night... he's exhausted and falling asleep and the girls are still wide awake...

pic of opk

CD14/Dec24/5pm- my OPK is distinctly NEGATIVE again... yesterday's OPK was at 9pm and I only managed that ONE yesterday and now it's definitely a negative about the same shade as CD11/12.. AND my temp spiked, but the house temperature was odd, not hot, not cold, but muggy? Bad storm so electricity was out... ..

CD15/Dec25/ - Haven't tested yet- update bding since Tuesday... IF I do get pregnant this cycle it truly will be a Christmas miracle temp was 96.5 today.. the room was cool and some male had my blanket.. so I'm probably going to wind up discarding it so I don't confuse FF with my O.. we'll see in a couple of days.

CD16 thru current- ALL new opk 's are negative (added pic to cd13 of positive opk) so I guess I'm just hanging out in my 2ww now..

FF BD Report-

CD9, 12, 15... Fertility friend gives me a "good" rating on my free week of VIP based on CD12 O which I don't agree with... I'm not feeling like we caught it with life's uncooperativeness.. We'll see.

IC Testing Projection (all DPO based on FF):
  • Friday, Jan 1 at 10 DPO... not much hope but it is New Years.. so I HAVE to...
  • Tuesday, Jan 5 at 14 DPO when FF says AF is due.
  • Thursday, January 7 at 16 DPO if AF is a no show..
DPO based on what I think? CD 15 O.. so subtract 3 from all of those dates and AF would be due January 8, 2010... so If she's still not around by the 9th I'll poas with an Answer Early Results.

Projected EDD with FF CD12 O: Wed, Sept 15
Projected DPO with probable CD15 (CHRISTMAS) O: Sat, Sept 18 (our 5th anniversary)

I'm over analyzing LOL.. probably because I'm trying to see a possible pregnancy when I just don't feel it..

Not going into poas overdrive this month because I'm not feeling it.

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