08 December 2009

Happy Birthday George & Avery

Today is DH's 29th birthday and the anniversary of my due date ... for our angel, Avery. So first, Happy Happy Birthday, Baby.. I love you. I hope your 29th year is as exciting as mine (We had Kae that year remember??)

This time last year I was a melted teary mess, remembering and telling Avery good-bye. This year I'm hopeful.

I still haven't seen a BFP (big fat positive), but today is only 11DPO, so that is really early in the game for us. I'm holding off until Friday before I test again. Even if i get a bfn (big fat negative) at least I have hope in the fact that I can ttc .... I AM TTC! That is a huge step closer than last year when I thought I had lost even that chance :)

Off to set up homework so I can get it done tonight, watch a movie with DH, & veg out till Friday

Keep your fingers crossed for TWO PINK LINES on Friday... no matter how faint!

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suz said...

Girl, I'm praying for you. :) 2 LINES, HERE YOU COME!!!

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