21 December 2009

CD11 Past time for an update

Well instead of trying to talk to DH I just sent him the link to my blog. He's ok with that because he knows that I get my ideas & feelings out better when I write. He agreed t just about anything I wanted, though pointed out that it wasn't just "letting it happen." I know. But I'm 32, we have a LOT of changes coming up with this move, and I've only got a 50/50 chance of hitting the correct tube... So I'm going to do what I can to maximize my chances, without freaking out over bfn's. "I solemnly swear!"

Right not I am gearing up to ovulate. I took my soy cd5-9 in order to stimulate my ovaries to produce a better quality egg. The later doses help strengthen/growalready produced folicles. After more research and discussing "issues" with other "one tubers", I've found that I may do better taking it cd 3-7 in order to stimulate both ovaries into producing folllicles, this giving myself a month chance to ovulate on the correct (tube) side.

At any rate I am due to ovulate this coming week or weekend sometime... All this of course if I don't hit it correct this month, get mt BFP and recreate this as a pregnancy blog LOL! I hope this is the last month I have to create as plan to get pregnant.....

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Miracle in the Making said...

yay cycle buddy!! I hope this cycle brings us both beautiful BFPs!!

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