09 February 2010

2 Tips for Tuesday

I want to start throwing in some quick tips on Tuesdays. Just a way to get ideas in fast because sometimes I don't have time to do more than type up the recipe.. and sometimes even that is late :)

Today's 2 Tips
  • Never boil sauces, soups, etc that have a dairy base. This is cheese, cream, milk, cream cheese, etc. Doing this causes the milk solids to separate from the liquids. It will not ruin the taste of the food, nor will it ruin the recipe, but isn't appealing to look at and occasionally makes the texture a little off.

  • Don't be afraid to experiment!! If you don't like something - if you are allergic to something - if you're just OUT of something... change it!!
If you don't like Dijon, for instance, use the same amount of ranch dressing, sour cream, regular mustard or just plain water.
Out of mayonaise? Use ranch dressing or sour cream.

Don't be afraid to make a recipe your own!! I rarely ever make a recipe the way it is called for!

Baking can be a science, so you can exchange peanut butter chips for chocolate, pecans for walnuts, etc, but be prepared to try again and again to get the recipe right if you change the main ingredients (flour, sugar, levening agents). Don't let this scare you off though. It can be fun to experiment and make your own recipes. This is especially rewarding if you have a special diet (gulten or salt free for instance).


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