05 February 2010

CD2-TTC Cycle #4

Auntie Flo came for her visit after dinner the other night. She wasn’t invited. I’m frustrated about this cycle. I feel like I did everything I could. I took the supplements. I ate healthy. I BD at the correct time. And while we had a blast doing so I feel like it was all for nothing.

I don’t see how some women go through this month after month. I don’t know how I survived the year I TTC Avery. It’s such a pain. I figure at the current rate of the impending move, I’ll have about 7 mths total to TTC, before the sterilization gets scheduled.

3 down. 1 in progress. 3 to go.

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RayRayBoone said...

well 7 is plenty. all you need is one lucky one :)

dragondreamer said...

i'm down by 3 rayray :( i need a miracle here :)

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