04 February 2010

Am I really back???

YES!! And there is so much going on! I am in the process of copying my blog to WordPress. I am not leaving Blogger, but I have a lot of friends over there and this way I can accommodate more people. Still not sure on the layout there.... it's making me nuts trying to decide LOL! Meanwhile for here I found this Lil Piggy at Yummy Lolly and thought it was too cute. So he'll be out mascot for a while.

Now.. Dinner.. That's why we're here right?

My friend Kellie from an online forum I frequent had this AWESOME Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe up at her blog the other day and I had to try it. It is simmering right now and OMG the house smells so good!!

My changes (Yes, you know I can't just make a recipe):
  • Uncooked chicken sauteed with the veggies, because I had none cooked.
  • Frozen Seasoning Blend in place of onions, because I am lazy.
  • Flour tortillas, because I didn't have corn tortillas.
  • Added frozen corn... it was there & sounded good LOL!
Please check her blog out she is amazing!

Until we cook again,


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