14 March 2011

Starting the adoption process on (hopefully) the next member of our family

Her name is Calliope (though they said it "Cali-ope-ay). Click her pic for her adoption agency page :-)

We went to PetCo yesterday for what we thought was an adoption event for the local adoption/rescue place but they postponed it because yesterday was the big basketball tourney :rolleyes: but Calliope was there and they were cleaning her litter and she was trying to escape so we offered to hold her. They said "Ok but be careful she is shy and takes a while to warm up to people."

HA!! She crawled right into my DDs arms & tilted her head back & started purring! Cali (our escue dog) was with us and decided to investigate and she looked over at cali, closed her eyes and went back to nudging my hand. I took this as "It's a dog.. whatever PET ME!"

She's full grown but still a tiny thing.. that fluff isn't cat, it's all fur! LOL! We're so in love with her :sillylove:

I just called the lead organizer and asked her to call me about starting the process. I'll keep you posted!



Kelly said...

She is a doll! <3

dragondreamer said...

more fur than the "baby" i was hoping for :hehe: But this'll work too!

Angela said...

♥ I still say kuh-LIE-uh-pee. (see Grey's Anatomy)

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