21 March 2011

Monday Memories

Today I want to start something new to try to get the blog moving... "memes".

"What is a meme?" you say? Well wikipedia defines it as "It is a relatively newly coined term and identifies ideas or beliefs that are transmitted from one person or group of people to another/" In the blog world, it is a way for othersto share their lifes with others by creating a weekly idea on their blog.

To participate, blog about the topic.. or choose an older post that you think of when you hear the topic, then come to Dreamer's Alcove, fill in the name field, and put the link to the actual post in the URL field of the Linky.

I'll put mine in the first link so you can see it.

I may play around a bit before I figure out what I'm doing, but this week we'll start with "Monday Memories".

Join me?

Blog about a memory that you feel was a reflection of something holding you down that you overcame.
Remember this: EVERYTHING that we overcome makes us stronger. All we have to do is accept this to be unstoppable...
even in our worst of times.



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