17 March 2011

Scentsy Anyone?

One of my best friends has taken a huge leap of faith in herself as a stay at home mom, and I'd like nothing more than to see her succeed. So I am spreading the word about her break out Scentsy Launch party!

Scentsy is a melt warmer - a safe, wickless alternative to candles. Their melts are specially formulated to melt at a lower temperature, and are so safe that there is now a nursery line!  There I think over 80 scents to choose from and probably as many warmers - full size, medium, and plug ins that resemble a nite light!

I ordered "Margot" just a few days ago and expect it to come in Friday :) Isn't it pretty! I want another for my bathroom for sure - just trying to decide on a plug-in or a warmer - and I may get a second "Margot" to put on each end of my bar... I dunno. I want  them all!

If you are interested in Scentsy and have been wanting to give it a try, I beg you to please order from Brandy's starter show. The more sales she has this show the more product she gets for future shows, which equals a bigger success in her future, and I know she can succeed at this with just a little help to get started.

Click here to go directly to the show sales page.
or Click here to go to her main page then click on "Buy from Party" by her name.

The show is open for orders until March 30th! And it's only $5 shipping to ship directly to your home. If you have never tried Scentsy, I suggest starting on the "Multi-Pack" page to get a warmer and 3 "bars" of scents (or more!) at a discounted rate.



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