27 June 2011

Growing up...

Two posts.. in ONE week?? Whatever has happened to me?!?!? LOL! Ok so I've been slacking! This one isn't even about food!!!  It's about one of the loves of my life... and how she is growing up too fast!!

Seriously? Can they just STOP growing up on me? They get smelly & mouthy & ..... le sigh. Oh well, suck it up, Mom! Enjoy it while it lasts, huh? At any rate, my baby girl, Kaelyn turned 5 the beginning of June and in August she will join the ranks if school-going children everywhere. I'm gonna have a hard few weeks until I realize I enjoy the quiet LOL! We've started slowly grabbing school clothes one suit at a time and I'm letting her pick and she has done well.

First she picked this out as a combo birthday dress plus school dress.. they didn't have matching accessories, but they had matching shoes and she had to have them (She is SUCH a momma's girl!) Anyway, when we went back last week she found the headband so here are some pics.

Then she picked out this jeans/shirt outfit at the same shop when we got the headband and then fell IN LOVE with the butterfly set at Sears. She has better taste than her sister at least LOL!!

 I went through her closet and since she isn't hard on her clothes at all she has plenty of like-new skirts & pants that I supplemented with a few NWOT eBay auctions, so all I really have to get her is a handful of shirts and some shoes and we're set for school clothes... then we have her sister's clothes (another entire nightmare in itself...) and both of their school supplies.

I'm thinking about getting Halie a messanger bag this year. She always uses one strap anyway, but Kaelyn's only has to hold a page sized folder. I remember kindergarten with Halie. The backpack was NEVER on.. she dragged it across the floor. And when I tried to wash it, it fell apart, so I chatted with my friend Angela over at 
Shameless "best buds" plug.. CLICK IT!!

and she agreed to make Kaelyn this backpack in whatever color she wanted. Being the total Diva/Princess she is it took us 25 minute sfor her to decide... with her Daddy sitting in the car (smart man?) and she chose Lily's Sugar & Cream Rainbow Bright yarn.

I think she made a wonderful decision, and I think it's going to hide stains perfectly until I can throw it in the wash! SCORE!! Of course if you look at Angela's things you'll see that she makes these adorable flowers with fancy button centers. (Go now, I'll wait...) Those have been requested, too, and Auntie Angela says "Of course, I will!" So now I have to get that sent off so she can start working on it. We can't wait!!!

Wow! That was long &picture heavy... Nothing new on Halie right now, She went to Louisiana for the summer and is nursing her Daddy who broke his ankle. She'll be home in about 5 weeks and we'll have a Halie post ♥

I hope I haven't bored you to death!!

Until later! Anne Marie


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