10 July 2011

Gluten-Free Holiday Cooking Challenge

I was surfing through old bookmarks and found some holiday recipes I had wanted to try last year... and I didn't. But it got me thinking. This year there is going t ohave to be a whole new kind of recipe experimentation for the holidays.... gluten-free! So I sat here and wrote out our traditional Thanksgiving & Christmas Menus for me to create a new cooking challenge for myself.

Goal: Re-create the recipes marked with an * into GF options for the Holidays no later than November 14, 2011 (10 days before Thanksgiving)

Turkey w/ Gravy*
Cornbread Dressing*
Mashed Potatoes
Green-bean Casserole*
Confetti Corn
Cranberry Sauce
Pumpkin Pie*

Cornbread Dressing*
Mashed Potatoes
Sweet Potato Casserole
Bacon Onion Green Beans
Apple Pie*
Extra: Gingerbread Houses*

Until later! Anne Marie


Anna (babbleball) said...

I couldn't imagine being GF! You are stronger woman than I. The gravy would be easy to convert to a GF recipe, just substitute cornstarch as the thickener. I imagine you could do the same thing with green bean casserole. Make your own "cream of mushroom" soup and instead of thickening it with flour use cornstarch or other starch thickener. IDK the breading on French's fried onions but I imagine that it's not GF, but they're also suuuper easy to make. Slice onions really thin and lightly coat with cornstarch or other GF flour substitute, rice flour would work I think and fry them quickly in hot oil. Good luck AM I know you can do it!!

dragondreamer said...

Thanks for the suggestions, Anna! I'm not really GF, I'm strictly WHEAT free, (which means I can have barley & rye that celiacs can't have) but for all intents & purposes I try to create GF recipes so they reach a larger audience... it has been hard, but I went about a week to 10 days not eating wheat free and I FELT. LIKE. CACA! SO I'm trying harder right now!

Anna said...

That does open up more avenues of edibles, which is good. I think it makes sense to just make GF rather than say wheat free. Either way it can't be easy.

Good luck with your menus!

green food powder said...

Look for the right recipe when it comes to gluten-free cooking.

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