08 July 2011

30 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE Day 3 What kind of person attracts you

7/08/2011  ~   Day 3. What kind of person attracts you.

This one is easier than it sounds LOL! I admit I had my days (and nights) of hunting and dating the god-like males... very pretty to look at but not many had personalities.

When I met my husband and we started dating, no one we knew thought we'd last. He was cute, but not my usual. He liked to street race, rollerblade, and play video games.

So. Not. Me.

However of the numerous couples that were formed within our group, he and I are the only couple still HAPPILY together, married (not contemplating divorce), and did I say HAPPY together?

I think this is because he makes me laugh.. whether I want to or not. He takes me seriously, but won;t let me take myself TOO seriously. He got me hooked on a few video games, we go out just to have fun.. no romantic movies for us!!  We goof off while shopping, and wrestle until I practically pee myself at home... because he pins me and tickles me - just because he can LOL!

He's my Peter Pan, keeping me happy &young at heart ♥ and I'm his Wendy, keeping him grounded.. but only when necessary ♥

Until later! Anne Marie


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