10 July 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 5 - 5 things that irritate you about the opposite sex/same sex.

5 Things that bother me about WOMEN:

  1. CATTINESS. If you wanna be a bitch, go for it. I am. Let it all hang out and don't pull punches, but don't be a snotty brat! (And for the love of GOD if you MUST be CATTY do NOT DO THE HEAD WIGGLE THING!!!!)
  2. Their penchant for DRAMA. Same reason. If you have something to say, say it. Don't whine! I have kids, I hear enough at home. Grow up!
  3. Skinny bitches that say their fat. STFU and eat a damned double cheeseburger!!
  4. Fat bitches that let their shit hang out. I'm fat, large, fluffy, heavy.. whatever you wanna call it. I can say this without compunction. I wear clothes that fit and make me look nice. If you wanna be heavy or can't help being heavy.. so what? It doesn't make you bad or ugly... but don't let your jiggly shit hang out all over the place. Control it!
  5. Know it alls. Please remember that I am a daughter, a mother, a wife, and a college student. You may know more about some things more than me, but you do not know it all. You especially do not know it all about ME (that is reserved for the BFF). If I ask your opinion, give it. If I don't, ask if I want it. And if you feel you must without asking, at least make it relevant, please?

5 Things that bother me about MEN:

  1. Know it alls. We'll just start here since I ended there above. You do not know everything there is to know about everything and just because I don't have a penis doesn't mean I need you to tell me how to operate a power tool or turn on my computer. I'm probably smarter than you anyway (Mr. Repairman), so if I am asking a question.. just answer it!
  2. We know you work out. We know you look good. We appreciate you sharing your sexiness all over, but Don't gloat. Every mirror on the planet does not need to be graced by your physique.
  3. Get a JOB and support your family! I don't have this problem as I have a hard working man, but some guys really need to get with the program. I don;t care f you live with your wife & kids or if you are separated or divorced. I don't care if she has a better job than you, go get something and let help support your children. And if you have a job and still don;t support your family? Get a fucking life. They deserve better than you anyway.
  4. Don't whine constantly about YOUR problems. Man up. Man drama is 10x worse than girl drama. SO she left? SO she has a new man? And her new man is making her happy? SO you had a hard day at work? SO you need a break? Get a beer and sit back like you do every night and take one. Don't whine about it. She's cleaning, cooking, chasing your kids, and working a full time job? After listening to your whining ass for years she deserves it. And if she hasn't left yet.. ask her how her day was for once.
  5. Pick a chore. Any chore. DO SOMETHING around the house to help out. It doesn't have to be a lot. Walk the dog. Take out the trash. Hell just put your dirty drawers in the laundry basket. Then carry it to the laundry room for her. Even if she is home all day to do it, your 8-5 job can;t compete with hers since she never leaves. Take an hour of her 24/7 work day away from her by just being helpful. (Again, I don't have this problem anymore LOL)

Until later! Anne Marie


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