22 June 2012

Home Journal: Printable Children's Chore Charts

This one was mainly done for Kaelyn.

She always asks what she can do to help, and I can't ever think of anything on short notice. However her new bedroom is now divided in "stations". We made a "book club" under her bed, and she got a used barbie sized princess castle at the local thrift store after losing her first tooth, and then there is the dress up area, her desk, etc. Right now it is her desk, the book club, and the castle that catch hell so That's what her chore chart focuses on, and I added "Ask Momma for a Chore" for when the other areas need picked up.

I am still working on a boy/neutral one and a teen one but for now here is  MS Office .docx and a PDF.

Pink/Hello Kitty Chore Chart, PDF


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