22 June 2012

Summer Fun 2012 Pressed Flower Art

Remember the Summer Fun post where she wouldn't reveal what she drew? It was "Movie Night"., since she drew it that meant she got to pick the movie. She was excited, but that left a space of boredom during the day, because she's had a heat rash of some sort so I was keeping her inside... drowned rat sad faced kind of trauma I'm telling you!

So I let her pick another one to see if it was something we could do NOW. (Next jar I think I'll color code: crafts,  trips, indoor, outdoor.. or something like that so I can give her a few color options to choose from based on time span.) She picked pressed flower art.

We really don't have a lot in our new yard yet, some purple flowers I haven't identified and a lot of dandelions. Does anyone think Kaelyn cared? You got it! Not at all!

I thought it might be something you'd like to try, and I did get pictures, so I decided to blog it. There are lots of fancy ways to do this on the web, but here's how we did it:

Step 1: Pick flowers & pretty leaves

Step 2: Put a napkin in a book, and place flowers to press. Cover with another napkin.
Step 3: Cover your book with some junk mail....

Step 4: because you'll be covering it with the heaviest pot you own. In our case, this is cast iron and no amount of cleaning prevents the black ring. Press for at least an hour
I had to take this pic twice.. I got in trouble, because
I wasn't fast enough to get her struggling to pick the pot
up the first she faked it for a retake LOL!

Step 5: Get out your fun stuff and decorate some paper blanks. We decided to make book marks by folding some card stock scraps in half.
Step 6: Lay your pressed flowers out on your decorated card stock and press them down with a strip of wide clear tape or clear contact paper.
Step 7: Since we used folded card stock we taped it down and trimmed.

Step 8: My favorite part! Ask if they had fun, because this IS for them... and get tackle hugged because you are an awesome Mommy :-)

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