09 September 2010

Shark Navigator Website & Customerservice: Strike out

So I decided on a Shark Navigator for my anniversary present. yes, I kow, Work for your anniversary? yes. Anything is better than being taken over by dog hair and pine shavings from the guinea pig.

I chose the navigator because:
  1. Mrs. Booth has a Shark Steam Pocket Mop and I love the way it worked and the craftsmanship. It wasn't made cheaply.
  2. The steam mop came free iwth the purchase of a Navigator at their website.
  3. the website said $ easy payment plans of $49.95 (plus ($40 something for shipping).
  4. The Navigator is the matching vacuum and had great reviews for pet hair.
  5. It's lightweight.
  6. I had a coupon/promo code for 15% off (rregister4) which REALLY helps with that shipping.
But the website wasn;t giving me the option of 4 payments in my cart. I was showing 1 Navigator + steam combo @ $199 - discount $29.95 + shipping=$215.95 ( Don't quote me.. it was something like that.)

I hit "next" and it asked for credit card info and no where did it say payments of $XX.xx. SO I called customer service.

They took my name and phone number and created an account for me in the event we were cut off or if I had further questions. (Ok, they're up to bat...)

I told him what I wanted and he pul me on hold because his system wasn't adding the free steam mop. (foul ball???) But he got it fixed and tallied the payments state tax, city tax (ewwwww...) and when he gave me a second to talk I said I had a coupon for 15% off to help with the shipping.

"Ohhhh.. sorry we can only accept coupons online." (Strike 1)
"But your website isn't giving me the 4 payments."
"Well I can and they would be $49.95 plud shipping, and tax today you would pay $111 today and $49.95 the next three months." (Strike 2)
"But that doens't address my concern of saving on that shipping."
"Yes, but you can only do that online. You could make the 1 time payment and have your coupon." (Strike 3)

He never addressed the 2 concerns together payment plan + coupon.

I am still going to try to get the Navigator, but I hope I never have to deal with CS again.

Shark Products: Still Thumbs Up!
Euro-Pro (Shark) Customer Service: Thumbs Down!

These links go through to Amazon.. I may be ordering it from them just to avoid this customer service again... but in one payment and no steam mop /sigh. Maybe I'll have to suck it up.



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