15 September 2010

Sweet Dreams Baby Gear

I'm excited about the review I am doing today because I know the beautiful young woman that created them!  Sweet Dreams Baby Gear was started by a young newly wed aiming to perfect baby products before her own arrived. I say she's hitting the mark! 

I purchased a set of  her baby wipes for my pre-schooler because she has always had troubles going potty and gets a sore bottom wiping with regular toilet paper - and I'm tired of buying baby wipes! Can you imagine a 4 year old saying "Mommy I like these wipees!" when you clean them?? I swear! It's happened!

After dipping them in a solution of water with a splash of her favorite liquid baby soap, I fold or roll them -depends on what mood the princess is in, then I store them in a wipes box (just an old Disney Princess box that the little one liked, though you couls use a wipe warmer, especially with younger babies) on the back of the bathroom sink for easy access when needed. SDBG's wipes are only slightly larger than a store bought wipe, but I can clean her with ONE WIPE per bowel movement. Try that with a store bought wipe! We seperated some, at Kaelyn's suggestion, to use as wash cloths and they work great for that as well.

A small bucket with a gallon of water and a 1/2 cup of baking soda keeps them from staining or smelling before laundry day. The set of 18 (I think..) that I have lasts us the week even if she uses them to bathe her babies or clean chocolate off her finger or wipe the oven door ( a new habit she is developing)...whatever she's using them for, we have plenty. I wash them with our regular bathroom laundry (towels, etc) and they have not stained and there is no lingering smells. The ones we use for wipes (and oven door cleaners), I don't bother throwing in the dryer, I just redip them and put back in the box.

Made with one side of colorful patterned fnannel and one side of bright coordinating microfiber, these wipes are cute as well as functional. AND SO SOFT!! Even the tenderest of bottoms will appreciate this wipe. Perfect for newborns (CAN'T WAIT!) and they'll still be gentle enough for the tenderness of those pesky red bottoms babies get. I can't think of one bad thing to say about these wipes! You have got to try them for yourself.

All in all, Sweet Dreams Baby Gear has a great product for the price and has frequent sales so you can stock up on these wipes!!  Check her out on Etsy at or on FaceBook at Sweet Dreams Baby Gear! Tell her I sent you!



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