16 September 2010

Bobby Flay's Cheyenne Burger - Round 2!!

A lot of the ingredients were in the pantry and the burger itself is a full meal! If you need a little "more" try thin sliced red potatoes in the oven with rosemary, garlic, some s&p, and a little butter!

Use Bobby Flay's Cheyenne Burger Recipe @ Food Network

I followed his recipe FOR THE SECOND TIME TONIGHT!! I even made the BBQ sauce recipe. When I told the fam I was making this again I got "OOoooh! YES!!"

My changes:

I used lettuce and tomato, and he didn't.
I used a white cheddar.
I used light brown sugar, which may be why my BBQ sauce is lighter than his. I actually keep most of these ingredients in my pantry, so I had everything in his sauce recipe other than the dark brown sugar and molasses so I used another 1/2T each of honey and light and called it good.. it was AWESOME! BUT VERY SPICY!
I used regular milk for the onion ring batter, not buttermilk. Didn't have any. (OH THE SHAME!) Just put a 1 tablespoon vinegar and whisk well if you like that tangy taste.
Those of you who don't know Bobby Flay's cooking, he likes it hot! This was great!Photobucket


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