18 December 2010

Last Minute "Santa" Ideas

I'm pulling my hair out here and here are some deals I have found around town that shoudl be pretty similar where ever you are!

Girls Ages 4 & up

  • Easy Bake Oven & accessories, including kiddy size hot mitts & aprons ($28 + accessories at Walmart)
  • Poseable doll & horse ($40 at Sam's Club)
  • Disney Baby Cinderella Princess Nursery ($24 at Sam's Club)
  • 4ft Tall doll house with basic furniture ($99 Sam's Club)
  • Dress up Box, 3 outfits with accessories, Sizes 3-6  ($34 at Sam's Club)


  • Nook w/ Wi-fi Capablities ($149 at Barnes & Noble)
  • DSi ($189 Game stop)
  • BOOKS!!! (Any denomination gift cards for your closest book store!)
  • Clothes (Let them pick! Giftcards for Gap, Old Navy, Justice and more!)

Mom & Dad

  • Nook w/ Wi-fi Capablities ($149 at Barnes & Noble) Can you tell I want this thing in my house somehow???) LOL!
  • Massage/Spa Packages (Check locally for Holiday Specials)
Best Friends:
  • STARBUCKS!!! (My BFF added to my SB card.. she rocks!!!!!!)
  • Handmade jewelry/accessories (Check Etsy! Most sellers will ship directly to the recipient, just convo them!!)

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