28 December 2010

eBook Review: "How To Earn Money With eBooks" by Robert Wilson

 I first put this review on the B&N website (read - and/or purchase - here) after purchasing the download for my nook. After a wonderful comment on an old blog from the author, I decided to put it here as well. After all.. that's what this blog is about, isn't it??

Here's what I first said:
"Robert Wilson has taken something so head scratching as ePublishing and condensed it into 19 pages if easy to understand information. I decided to stop publishing my first eBook - based on his information - to write a review because he deserves one! I downloaded this at 9:30 and here I am at 10 ready to fine tune my writing and publish. YES, he makes it THAT easy!"
I am chagrined to say that I am STILL fine-tuning because I decided if I am going to publish (the first is a calendar with table of contents for monthly and weekly views as well as having holidays and forecasted moon phases) then I am going to use Smashwords but aim for their premium publishing that distributes to all the major sellers, so that (at Robert's advice) I only have one book count to keep track of.  Unfortunately this means a strict publishing standard so it may be a while before I announce my publication! LOL!

None of this is Robert's fault, by the way... his "How-to" book is a much easier and more understandable read than the Smashwords Style Guide.

Until next time...


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