20 December 2010

Loverdoodles: Pocket Mirrors and Wedding Favors

Have you ever been out and desperately needed a mirror to check your lipstick... only to find the ladies room bursting with people and you can't get to one? Have a teen that complains she doesn't wear her elastics for her bracelets because she never has time to get to the bathroom mirror?  Do you like to check your makeup before going into an appointment? Do you just like cute, adorable, handmade things that support today's at home working woman?

If you answered yes to any of these questions I have some news for you!

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Emily over on Etsy at Loverdoodles is just one of those women making wonderful things for our enjoyment. I am a repeat customer, having sent these out to friends and family any time I needed a little gift in the past 3-4 months since I found her.

They are excellent quality with a clear mirror- no distorted noses or tiny imperfections looking like it takes over your face. She will also do her best to accommodate any customization you need, like initials and small coloring changes. These made excellent stocking stuffers for Christmas and I can't wait to see the reaction when the girls see them!

How would you like to win a set of
her mirrors and  gift tins??
Yes, you heard me correctly!
I'm purchasing a set just for you!
Because I know you will love it so much that you'll will be back to see her when you need that little something special!
What do you have to do to enter?
It's simple! Each of the below "things to do" is one entry.
Unlink most Blogs, I don't require all separate entries 
See my How to enter my giveaways! page for details.
#1 is required to enter, the rest are extra entries.

1) Which mirror and tin would you choose if you won?
(They don't have to match!)

2) Add Loverdoodles to your Etsy favorites 

3) "Like" Loverdoodles on Facebook

4) "Like" my new Did you hear about that? Facebook page
5) Follow my blog (follow button is in right column)

Contest will end December 27 (1 week) and item will be shipped directly from Loverdoodles the first week in January when she returns to the "shop" from her move.
Good luck on the move, Em! I did it recently and I do not envy you!!

If we haven't "met" yet be sure to leave me an email to contact you if you win and/or be sure come back to check if you won!



Racheal said...

black and white butterfly tree mirror
bright pink Daisy tin

Angela said...

Blue Damask - Red Letter On White Background Pocket Mirror....only Black damask and pink

MrsFaram said...

Entry 1 I would love the Blue Damask - Red Letter On White Background Pocket Mirror with 'M' of course. :) I also like the Hot Pink Damask Gift Tin.

Entry 2 I added Loverdoodles to my Etsy favorites! :)

Entry 3 I liked Loverdoodles on Facebook.

Entry 4 I liked your new Facebook page which I LOVE by the way. :)

Entry 5 I'm totally following your blog!!

Patty said...

Entry 1 - I love the black and white damask with pink letter pocket mirror!

Entry 2 - I added Loverdoodles to my favorites

Entry 3 - I liked Loverdoodles on facebook

Entry 4 - I'm following your blog!

Anonymous said...

I would like the Dark Gray and Steel Flower Pocket Mirror and the pink polka dot tin

Charlotte said...

Green Floral pocket mirror
Grey Damask tin

I Added Loverdoodles to my Etsy faves

I Liked you on facebook

I stalk you... I mean I follow your blog

and I like Loverdoodles on facebook

MommyWannaBe519 said...

This is my first time leaving any kind of a comment on a blog! I hope I do it right! lol

Entry 1 I like the Red, White and Black With Poppies Pocket Mirror and the Hot Pink Damask Gift Tin.

Entry 2 Added Loverdoodle to my etsy favorites.

Entry 3 "Liked" Loverdoodle on facebook.

Entry 4 "Liked" "Did you hear about that?" page!

Entry 5 Following your blog!

-Steph (TMP: mommywannabe519)

cassondra law said...

Entry 1: Red, White and Black With Poppies Pocket Mirror and Pink Chandeliers Gift Tin

2) I added Loverdoodles to my etsy favorites.

3) I "Like" Loverdoodles on Facebook

4) I "Like" your new "Did you hear about that?" Facebook page

5) I Follow your blog

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