29 March 2010

Heaven has another angel

My daughter became the big sister of another angel on Palm Sunday. Her father and stepmother were expecting a baby boy in late July and due to unforeseen complications, he entered our world too early Sunday, March 28th.  She asked me to write a poem for him.

Rest in peace, little Dakota. We'll all see you again some day. Save us a seat, Little One.

Things You Will Never Know
For Earl and Jamie in memory of their son Dakota Wayne Booth
Sunday, March 28, 2010

There are things you will never know

The fresh scent of the world after a rain

The sight of a rainbow peeking into view

But these things will always remind us of you

There are things you will never feel

Fear when a thunderstorm rages past

Skinned knees and bruises from things you’ve bumped into

But these pains we would have held you through

There are things you will never know

The way we planned a life with you

The little dreams we dreamed for you

But we still always think of you

There are things you will never feel

A caressing touch, drying your tears

Tickles and piggies and dirty trucks, too

But we’ll imagine these things with you

These are things we want you to know

Mommy and daddy hold an undying love

Your sister and brother will remember in dreams of you

And they’ll remind others, dear angel, of you

There are things we will never understand

Our Heavenly father chose to take you home

But you will know us, watching from His kingdom of blue

Dear Baby Boy, we will never forget you

~Anne Marie Freitas


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