23 March 2010

Starting with a give away!!!!!

GIVEAWAY CLOSED! Congrats to my winners! Check back often for more giveaways!

I have been inspired by my friend Kelly. She has an awesome blog, and I missed her dog collar giveaway, but I am giving her a shout out anyway!! BTW, I could stomp myself for missing that... I'll have to walk my dog on leash every time the snot has to go potty at the new apartment rather than just let her out the door like I can here at the house...

Anyway, Kelly unknowingly inspired me to start over with my "daily" blog that has been sitting around hopeless for YEARS. So today I broke out the PSP, pics of the fam, and some awesome graphics I got at March's Blog Train and woke this site up with some freshness!

I'll use the blog to post random thoughts, dreams, and ideas and most likely x-post my other blogs a bit (kids and food.. can't get much better than that!) I'm sure my TMP girls will be here and they'll get tired of hearing the same rants I have on teh board, but hey.. you love me, right?

I'm not sure where it will take us, but I am starting off with a giveaway!

I will soon be moving to North Carolina and during my trip there I got a set of note cards based on paintings from ArtWithHearts Duke Collection that shares the beauty I am to behold once there.

Disclaimer: The cute blue-eyed blond who demanded to be in the picture is not part of THIS particular give away :)

These 4 cards are reproductions of paintings by 1973 Duke graduate, and Art with Hearts founder, Steven R Miller: The Inn, the golf course, the Sarah P. Duke Memorial Gardens, and Duke Chapel - They come in a vellum envelope with a card about the artist and mailing envelopes.

Now, Kelly left her dog collar giveaway open for 3 days, but I'm going to leave mine open for 3 days or 20 followers. That means get your rear ends out there and give me some shout outs!!!!!!!!

Enter by:
  1. Becoming a follower of my blog (and leave a comment saying you did)- 1 entry
  2. Give me a shoutout on your blog (leave me a seperate comment with the link to your blogpost!) - 1 entry
  3. Facebook/Twitter about this giveaway with a link to my blog (leave a seperate comment telling me you did). - 1 entry
I'll pick a random winner with an online gadget as soon as it's over! And I might just have 2 sets ;)

Don't forget to leave the comments!!

Go out and shout, Baby!



Jessica said...

WOOT! I am following you now :-)

Anonymous said...


suz said...


Anonymous said...

Posted a blog about it :) I would love to put it on Facebook but I would rather not have people stalking my ttc life lol

Emi said...

I'm following you now!

Christine said...

Following :)

Emi said...

Now I'm not only following, but I've blogged about you too. ;)

Kelly said...

I'm a follower! (Nice to know I've been inspirational in this giveaway!)

Kelly said...

I blogged about it!

Ms. Polka Dottie said...

I'm following!

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