26 March 2010

Oh faithful few!

 There were 10 entries in the note card giveaway--
  1. Jessica said...  WOOT! I am following you now :-)
  2. Kaitie said...     Following!
  3. suz said...     I'm HEEERRRREEE!!! WOO!
  4. Kaitie said...    Posted a blog about it :) I would love to put it on Facebook but I would rather not have people stalking my ttc life lol 
  5. Emi said...     I'm following you now!
  6. Christine said...     Following :)
  7. Emi said...     Now I'm not only following, but I've blogged about you too. ;)
  8. Kelly said...    I'm a follower! (Nice to know I've been inspirational in this giveaway!)
  9. Kelly said...     I blogged about it!
  10. Ms. Polka Dottie said...     I'm following!
And the winners are:

YEP, TWO WINNERS!! I told you I might have 2 sets! Since I know you are both on TMP.. PM me your addresses and I'll get them out tomorrow :love:



Emi said...

Congrats, ladies!

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Will that be hand delivered? lol

dragondreamer said...

lol it can be but you'll have to wait till june :hehe:

Christine said...

No Way, I won. woohoo !

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