12 October 2010

Congratulations to a wonderful friend!

Since I just invited you to my blog, I know you'll be here reading soon. So I am dedicating a post to you.

We met late last year and immediately created a bond. Women against the world.. you - working towards beginning your new life as a wife, and me - an old pro at the game, but with a common goal. Convince the men we love to grow our families. And amazingly we succeeded at the same time and move don into the amazing but frightening world of TTC. There our bond has grown stronger and we have been with each other each nervous or heartbreaking tear of the way.

Until today...

Today you posted the most amazing news I can imaging for someone I care about so much. You're pregnant!!!!! I can't even explain the amazing feelings of love, luck, and prayers that are pouring from my heart for you.

Finally - our paths have branched off. I cannot follow you into this new realm that is widely unknown to you, but I will still be there every step of the way.

Yes, the tears are bittersweet, because you moving on means one less person in our "us against the world of infertility" group, one more person to succeed and leave us behind..... but I wouldn't have it any other way.

I love you, Sweets! I pray you have an amazing 9 months. Can't wait to follow your progress!


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