27 October 2010

Think positive thoughts

All the girls on the board are going nuts. i am having an amazing cycle. My post O temps on my chart are steady (ish) and going UP.... apparently my worries about my BBT earlier in my cycle were unfounded. I dare say that if it goes up again and/or stays up I may see a triphasic pattern. (bi-phasic is when temps go up after O.. triphasic is IF they go up a second "step".) Good pregnancy charts do this.. some don't.. some non-pregnancy charts do it.. it's totally random IMO. But in the world of charting, It's pretty :)

All this leads me to happy thoughts, but guarded ones. After a year TTC, I have no more "gut" feelings that scream "I'm PREGNANT!" a week before testing, but I can say that I like the positiveness of my chart. Pregnant or not it is a bonus. My body is trying to do what is it supposed to, not being all wacky.

If I am, well HALLELUJAH!! If I'm not, at this point it's no big shock... I'll buy a six pack of the Mike's Hard PINK Lemonade I've been wanting and I'll move along :)

We'll see in a week. I am remaining guardedly hopeful. Because at this point in the game, hope is what gets us through.



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