20 October 2010

Temperature confusion

With a positive OPK Monday and a negative yesterday, I surely thought I would see a temp spike today indicating I ovulated at some point in the last 24 hours.... only I didn't. GAAAH!!

I mean let's face it, sex isn't the issue. I'm getting plenty of it and getting it goodly. And it doesn't look like we're stopping any time soon LOL! It's just the confirmation of ovulation I am after. And before any of you (Patty!) yell at me for not checking CM - I CAN'T. I'm having so much sex I wouldn't recognize CM if it was running down my leg.

Anyway, I have been at 97.1 for a few days, and only 97.2 today. The one higher temp I discarded was because I had woke up squashed between George & Kae and sweating my ass off  LOL! I'm beginning to wonder if my thermometer needs new batteries. I haven't changed them in years.

I'm going to keep using OPKs another 2-3 days to make sure the line leaves just so I know my surge is gone and it wasn't a fluke surge/positive OPK that didn't lead to O. Since I'm not sure if I can trust my thermometer, that's all I can think to do.

Any other suggestions?



Patty said...

LOL!!!! I am so glad I got called out in here! xoxoxoxo

dragondreamer said...

Of course you did!! :hehe:

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