11 October 2010

Sex on Demand after a breakdown

So George and I discussed the plan this weekend. Sex on demand from CD10 until I ovulate.Then we taught each other the meaning of "on demand". It's better than the fucking cable button, I swear!

Aside from that we've come to the realization that TTC has really taken it's toll on the "funness" of our sex life. We used to be the ones that made our friends blush.. or run screaming for the hills... and lately it's become so perfunctory that Buddhist monks would laugh and point fingers. The sad thing is that it took a near mental breakdown from me (about something totally unrelated to TTC) for us to realize this. I don't do good when my little head snaps.. especially over stupid shit. AH well. He fixed it.

Moral of the story is that we have to get back to being us: fun-loving, spontaneous, supportive, and above all back to being a couple that COMMUNICATES with each other.

We went a log way towards working out a funk our relationship has been in for practically a year... in just 2 days. Amazing what talking to each other will do.



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