14 October 2010

Our 30 day challenge

So the hubs and I have decided on a 30x (having sex) in 30 days challenge.

We've tried this before and failed miserably after the first 2 weeks. We're hoping to keep up this time. We've got a pretty good head start. We figured the easiest way to keep track would be to use my chart..

We're not doing bad since we actually started after AF left on the 9th.. we're up to "7in5" If we keep up the 2 per weekend day I think we'll beat the 30!  I think that would add up to 31 before October is even over! And we'd technically have 8 days of November left!

Did I mention we're making some of the girls on the board jealous??

I'm confident that his boys aren't the problem (even if they don't ask for directions...), so I'm not worried about him having sex every day being detrimental to conceiving. Hell, if anything it will prove that my lady bits are the issue somewhere. Can't blame it on poor timing or lack of BDing this month!

Even though we're doing this daily, I'm still charting so that if we DO have to take a break for whatever reason (worn out bits??), we know if my fertile period has passed. My OPKs still have not arrived (accidentally ebayed them from china) and my left side is twinging like MAYBE my ovaries are perking up??? Eh.. we'll see.

Anyway.. 7in5 and counting.. I think I'll add a ticker under my chart ticker HA!!



Ozzy's mom said...

you know I'm jealous... but I love you!

dangit... now I'm gonna have to blog somewhere!

Bee said...

omg 30 in 30! I must have missed that somewhere but I'm definitely impressed. :o Also, love the new site and love the shadow image! <3

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